Woman Sublime

Attie Cote d'Ivoire Tambaran New York

ABOVE: Seated female figure. Attie; Côte d’Ivoire. First quarter of the 20th century.
Wood, beads. H: 45.7 cm.
Ex Gauthard Family collection, France (acquired 1968).
Tambaran Gallery, New York.

NEW YORK—Reflecting the varied carving styles, attributes, and perceptions of beauty in depictions of women across the African continent, the sculptures in Tambaran Gallery’s autumn show, Woman Sublime, will demonstrate a scintillating array of art styles.

The numerous forms of body scarification, facial expression, coiffure, jewelry, stance, and posture are all from the imagination of brilliant African male carvers, who created these images of women for their patrons to admire and employ within a variety of ritual contexts.

Stemming from her love of Baule female figures, the exhibition was conceived years ago by Tambaran’s founder and director, ­Maureen Zarember. Over the years, her appreciation widened to include female figures from throughout Africa.

Tambaran’s 1991 show and publication Woman Eternal, which was assembled with the assistance of friends and collaborators Alfred Sheinberg and Allen Wardwell enhanced Zarember’s collection, and this has been a resource for the present show.

It will be on view September 15 to October 29, 2022.


Baule, cote d'ivoire, Tambaran, New York

ABOVE: Seated maternity figure. Baule; Côte d’Ivoire. First quarter of the 20th century.
Wood, beads. H: 50.8 cm.
Collected in the Sakassou area of Côte d’Ivoire. Ex Gadjigo, Paris, France, and Mali.  
Tambaran Gallery, New York.

N'duleri Dogon Bandiagara Mali Tambaran

ABOVE: N’duleri style standing maternity figure. Dogon; Bandiagara Plateau, Mali.
Wood. H: 45.7 cm.
Ex private collection, France; private collection, Europe.
Tambaran Gallery, New York.

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