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Summer on the Côte d’Azur

Lucas Ratton sets up in Saint-Tropez.

For the second time, Galerie Lucas Ratton is opening a show in the heart of Saint-Tropez, in early June.

Tribal art enthusiasts who can find their way to 1 Place des Lices in the town’s center between then and October 31, 2020, will have the opportunity to enjoy an eclectic display that combines African objects of masterful form and prestigious provenance with a selection of modernist paintings by Picasso, Miró, and Chagall, among others, as well as designer furniture by Perriand, Printz, and Hervé van der Straeten. The latter will be the guest of honor this season. Ratton’s move into other areas of collecting reflects his interest in emphasizing connections between the arts and shows the power of the dialogs engendered by juxtapositions of artworks of different kinds. The exhibition also represents the fruit of Ratton’s willingness to collaborate with renowned international gallerists and galleries—in this case Hélène Bailly, Damien Boquet, De Jonckheere, Guilhem Montagut, Jacques Lacoste, Marcilhac and Kreo, to name just a few—from whom he has solicited loans of paintings and furniture.

Until October 31, 2020
Galerie Lucas Ratton
1 Place  des Lices,  Saint-Tropez, France

Click on the picture here below to virtually visit the gallery!

Inside view of Lucas Ratton's Gallery  in 3D

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