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OGONI by Charles-Wesley Hourdé

This is the first fully online exhibition presented by Charles-Wesley Hourdé’s gallery in Paris. It will showcase a theme that has never before been shown in France: the art of the Ogoni people of southeastern Nigeria.

Through a selection of more twenty-five high quality masks, some of which have prestigious provenances, he will be offering the opportunity to discover a remarkable artistic tradition that is still little known to the public at large.

The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue that features an informative essay by Jill Salmons, an Africanist specializing in Ogoni art and culture. In addition to a visual panorama of a striking group of elegant and diverse artworks, this publication offers precious knowledge concerning a little-addressed subject that will be of interest to any African art collector or enthusiast.

There are two ways to view this exhibition: you can leaf through the online catalogue or you can browse the works individually. The exhibition will be available at

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