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New Temporary Exhibition at the AfricaMuseum in Tervuren

Rethinking Collections - AfricaMuseum Tervuren

On 19 January 2024, ReThinking Collections, a new temporary exhibition on provenance research, will open its doors at the AfricaMuseum.

ReThinking Collections is a new temporary exhibition devoted to provenance research.

Most of the collections in the Royal Museum for Central Africa were acquired during the colonial era, in what is now the DR Congo. Provenance research and the related topic of restitution are attracting more attention in current social and political debate. But how do we trace the origin of collections? What new insights can be gleaned from these provenances? And what should become of such collections, within and beyond museum walls?

The exhibition attempts to shed light on the many approaches to provenance research and the current issues surrounding it. It presents varied and occasionally surprising pieces, and addresses questions related to this contested heritage. The exhibition also explores new perspectives and future approaches to colonial collections.

An article on this exhibition will be pubslished in our next issue - T111 - Spring 2024.

ReThinking Collections
19 January - 29 September 2024
Africamuseum, Tervuren

ABOVE: Small figure. Tabwa, DR Congo.
Wood, beads, horn.
H. 29 cm
Collected by Emile Pierre Storms, acquired by the museum in 1930
Inv. EO.0.0.31673, MRAC, Tervuren

ABOVE: Steve Bandoma (born in DR Congo, in 1981), Corvée, in the series « Lost Tribe Series ». 2020.
Ink on paper.
MRAC, Tervuren, inv. 2022.5.1.
© the artist, photo : MRAC, Tervuren.

ABOVE: Nexkrest. Luluwa ; Kasaï region, DR Congo.
End of the 19th century
Wood (Crossopterix febrifuga), pigments.
H. 12,5 cm.
Acquired between 1892 and 1894 by Constant de Deken for the musée missionnaire des pères scheutistes. Acquired by the congrégation du des missionnaires de Scheut, given to the museum in 1914.  
MRAC, Tervuren, inv. EO.0.0.18802.
© MRAC, Tervuren, photo : R. Asselberghs.

ABOVE: Caryatid stool. Hemba ; RD Congo.
H. 45 cm.
MRAC, Tervuren, inv. EO.0.0.30359.
© MRAC, Tervuren, photo : J. Van de Vyvers.

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