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La Biennale in Paris

Fang Gabon Meyer Biennale

ABOVE: Reliquary guardian figure. Fang; Gabon. 19th–20th century. Wood. H: 47 cm. To be offered by Galerie Meyer at La Biennale, Paris, 25 November–5 December 2021.

PARISLa Biennale, produced by the Syndicat National des Antiquaires (SNA), is getting a makeover this year and will be held from November 25–December 5, 2021, at the Grand Palais Éphémère Place Joffre in the 7th arrondissement. This temporary structure will be used while the actual Grand Palais, the Biennale’s permanent home, undergoes extensive renovation.

Non-European arts will be represented at this prestigious and highly regarded generalist antiques show by three well-established dealers in the field: Julien Flak, Guilhem Montagut (who will take part in the event for the first time with a varied display of choice objects), and Anthony Meyer.

The latter is creating an intimate display for the occasion—an invitation to discover a kind of secret garden of artworks that reflect the interests he cultivates within the private spaces of his home and his dreams. Visitors to his booth will thus be treated to an eclectic mixture of works from the High Middle Ages, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Of course, it will also feature the arts of the ancient cultures of Oceania and the Arctic, which have long been his twin specialties.

La Biennale de Paris

November 25–December 5, 2021

Masque Bobo Burkina Faso

ABOVE: Mask. Bobo; Burkina Faso. Wood. H: 58 cm.
To be offered by Galerie Montagut at La Biennale, Paris, 25 November–5 December 2021.

Claes Harpe Mangebtu Claes

ABOVE: Harp. Mangbetu; DR Congo. Late 19th–early 20th century. Wood, fiber. H: 85 cm. To be offered by Didier Claes at BRAFA, Brussels, 20–23 January 2022

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