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Special Issue 8 Tervuren

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Special Issue 8

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  • The Revival of the Royal Museum for Central Africa. Interview with Director-General Guido Gryseels
  • A Very Long History
  • Contemporary Art at the Royal Museum for Central Africa
  • The Awakening of a Sleeping Beauty. Memories of the Genesis of an Exhibition "The Hidden Treasures of the Tervuren Museum" (1995)
  • Unrivaled Art
  • Masks
  • Artistic Crossroads in Kananga
  • The Man Behind the Art: A Question of Style
  • Artistic Emulation
  • Cleaned works
  • The Workshop for “Good” Artists
  • Talent and Export Production
  • Art Nègre and Its Forgers
  • Tervuren: My School
  • The 1897 Exhibition and Congolese art

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