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Tribal 40 - Spring 2006

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Tribal 40 - Spring 2006

50,00 €


  • The Art of Gabon in the Vérité Collection
  • Touched by Wonder: Ethnographic Art from the permanent Collection of the Hearst Art Gallery, Saint Mary's College
  • Traces of the Americas: An homage to Pre-columbian culture
  • Life in the Pacific of the 1700s: The cook/Forster Collection of the Georg August University of Göttingen
  • Icons of Perfection : Some Thoughts on the Relationship between Aesthetics and Function in African Sculpture
  • Primitive Sculpture of Western Nepal
  • Funerary Posts of the Sara People of Chad
  • Revealing the Maya : Justin and Barbara Kerr
  • The Ancestral Link: The Mapuche Stepped-Cross Design
  • K’alyaan’s Helmet
  • Kerry Photography

(172 pages)

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