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Tribal 46 - Autumn 2007

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Tribal 46 - Autumn 2007

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  • Kings and Rituals : Court Arts from Nigeria
  • 2007 ACASA Conference : 14th Triennial Symposium on African Art
  • A Curator in the Jungle: Staging the exhibition objets blessés. La répartition en Afrique at the Musée du Auai Branly
  • New Guinea: Ritual Traditions.The Oceanic Installation at the Tropenmuseum
  • Sculpture of Ubangi
  • Ubangi : Open Borders in a Central African Crucible
  • Royal Robes: Native American Hide Paintings at Versailles in the Eighteenth Century
  • Men of Faith: A Pentecost Island Mask and The Reverend Morton
  • The Return of Kashaashwiimi: a stolen kuba sacred statue returns home
  • Enrico Donati
  • African Kings

(186 pages)

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