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Tribal 48 - Spring 2008

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Tribal 48 - Spring 2008

20,00 €


  • Africa and Oceania: Masterpieces of the Musée Barbier-Mueller
  • Radiance from the Rainforest: Featherwork in Ancient Peru
  • The Plains Indian Museum: at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center
  • Paracas: Unpublished Treasures from Ancient Peru
  • Thomas Morland Hocken: Collector of Maori Artifacts
  • Kifwebe Maskettes of the Luba and Songye
  • Masks and Figurines from Ammassalik: The Gustav Holm Expedition, 1883-85
  • François Raty
  • The Rock Crystal Skull in Paris
  • Les Arts Sauvages

(174 pages)

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