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Tribal 92 - Summer 2019

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Tribal 92 - Summer 2019

20,00 €


  • Félix Fénéon: Art from Distant Places
  • Papua New Guinea: Ancestral Visions Art from the Sepik–Ramu
  • Striking Iron: The Art of African Blacksmiths
  • Transforming Pig Bones into Objects of Art and Metaphorical Meaning: Nose Ornaments of the Asmat of New Guinea
  • Carl Wilhelm Öberg: A South Seas King Rediscovered
  • A Pahouine Goddess Goes to Europe
  • Tom Lewis: African Art in the Crescent City
  • Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific and the Forgotten Russian Artist Mikhail Tikhanov
  • Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis … Or an Eternal Flame ?

(144 pages)

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