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Tribal 90 - Winter 2018

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Tribal 90 - Winter 2018

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  • Forging Memory in Iron: Asen Arts of Dahomey
  • Eyes on the Horizon : Oceania at the Royal Academy, London
  • Kuba: Fabric of an Empire
  • In the Beginning There Was Thread. The Inca Dress Code: Textiles and Adornment in Pre-Columbian America
  • Feather Mosaics from the Keram River: Exceptional Sepik Assemblage Art
  • Imun Ajo’: A “Missing Link”
  • Reconsidering American Art: Charles and Valerie Diker
  • Photographs from French Guinea and Cameroon by Rudolf and or Helene Oldenburg
  • The UNESCO Convention of November 14, 1970: Not a Law for Criminal Prosecution

(160 pages)

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