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Tribal 59 - Spring 2011

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Tribal 59 - Spring 2011

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  • Spain Pays Homage to North America: Revisiting Memorable Temporary Exhibitions
  • Shields of the New Guinea Highlands at the Museum Gugging
  • Casa del Alabado A Museum of Pre-Columbian Art
  • The Musical Instrument Museum: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Art of the Solomons at the National Gallery of Australia in Canberra
  • Paul Guillaume and African Art: The History of a Collection in Light of New Research
  • James J. Ross and African Art
  • An Ivory Ifa Divination Tapper from Owo
  • The "Discovery" of Machu Picchu
  • Headhunters from the swaps: The Marind Anim of New Guinea
  • A New Book on the Lunda and Chokwe of Shaba: An hommage to the flemish fathers of the order of friars Minor

(128 pages)

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