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Tribal 49 - Summer 2008

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Tribal 49 - Summer 2008

20,00 €


  • Ancestral Art of the Marquesas Islands: Te haa tupuna kakiu no te henua enana
  • Polynesia. Art and Divinity, 1760–1860
  • The Aztec World
  • Sixty Objects from Easter Island
  • The Muséum d'histoire naturelle in Le Havre: Drawing “ The Other ” During the Baudin Expedition to Australia, 1800-1804
  • Peggy’s Ethnopassion
  • From Curiosity to Art: African Ivory and Five Centuries in the History of European Taste
  • Yoruba Sculpture in the Vittorio Meneghelli Collection
  • Fragments of the Living: African Sculptures from the Liliane and Michel Durand-Dessert Collection
  • The (Re)Verse of a Benin Bronze Plaque : Tracing the story behind a Museum and Collector's Piece
  • French Courts Rule Against the Repartition of a Maori Head to New Zealand
  • K. F. Wong: Images of Borneo

(178 pages)

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