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Tribal 31 - Summer 2003

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Tribal 31 - Summer 2003

130,00 €


  • Magic Art from the rainforest of New Guinea
  • Birth of an exceptional museum.- the collections of the Quai Branly
  • Behind the masks: People of the Tarres Strait and the collection of the Australian Museum
  • Replica or Reference: A Reassessment of Pende “Ikhoko”
  • The Romantic Illusion and the Misunderstanding of a "Discovery". Giacomo Costantino Beltrami at the source of the Mississipi
  • Master Hands: post scriptum
  • Maori Art in New Zealand
  • Berend Hoekstra. The “Eyes of Moko”
  • A Rare Orok: Cosmology in Feathers
  • Yanomani: Bruce Albert speaks out...

(136 pages)

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