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SPECIAL ISSUE #2 : Dogon Masterworks

SPECIAL ISSUE #2 : Dogon Masterworks - (ENGLISH / FRENCH)

de Grunne Bernard; LaGamma Alisa; Lopez Hasan G.; Maggiar Alexis

Having drawn more than 195,000 visitors, the Dogon exhibition organized by Hélène Leloup at the Musée du Quai Branly from April through July 2011 demonstrated that in addition to representing an important cultural patrimony for the French people, it also remains something mysterious and tantalizing more than a century after its first encounter with the West. This special publication was built around Bernard de Grunne’s proposal to publish a paper on the Master of Ogol, the first master hand to have been identified in Dogon art. In doing so, we have had the pleasure of bringing together for the first time all of the seventeen known works that make up this corpus.

SPECIAL ISSUE #3: African Art, New York and the Avant-Garde

SPECIAL ISSUE #3: African Art, New York and the Avant-Garde - (ENGLISH / FRENCH)

Yaël Biro, Monica Blackburn Visona, Alisa LaGamma, Contantijn Petridis, Helen M. Shannon, Wendy A; Grossman

This third special issue of Tribal Art magazine is once again devoted to an exceptional and outstanding exhibition, African Art, New York, and the Avant-Garde, on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from November 27, 2012, through April 14, 2013. Curated by Yaëlle Biro, assistant curator for African art at the Met, the exhibition examines the circumstances under which African art arrived in New York and how it was appropriated by the proponents of the American artistic avant-garde in the 1910s and 1920s. This Special issue is out of Stock.

SPECIAL ISSUE #5 Kota: New Light


Tribal Art magazine, Frederic Cloth, Louis Perrois, Kristina Van Dyke
Primedia sprl

For over 15 years, computer engineer Frédéric Cloth has studied more than 2,000 examples of Kota art. His research has revealed a number of analogies and suggests the existence of three distinct types of reliquary figures. His findings are now the object of an exhibition at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, giving visitors a unique opportunity to interact with Cloth’s digital database. This special edition, which has been produced in association with the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, is designed to broaden the debate about traditional Kota art. It features essays by Kristina Van Dyke and Frédéric Cloth—co-currators of the Pulitzer exhibition—, Louis Perrois, and Pierre Amrouche.

Special Issue #6: Amazonia. The Shaman and the Mind of the Forest

Special Issue #6: Amazonia. The Shaman and the Mind of the Forest - (ENGLISH / FRENCH)

Elena Martinez -Jacquet, Boris Wastiau, Bertrand Prévost

The subject of this special issue is the fabulous exhibition Amazonia. The Shaman and the Mind of the Forest (Amazonie. le chamane et la pensée de la forêt), organized by the Musée d’Ethnographie de Genève and curated by its director, Boris Wastiau from May 20 until January 8, 2017. Formed using material exclusively from the MEG’s outstanding collection, this exhibition examines the shamanic practices shared by the extraordinary variety of cultures spanning the nine countries of the Amazon Basin rainforest. As the visitor to the show or the reader of this issue will note, this diversity is subtly manifested in the material culture of these peoples, especially in feather art.

SPECIAL-ISSUE #4: The Philippines, Archipelago of Exchanges

SPECIAL-ISSUE #4: The Philippines, Archipelago of Exchanges - (ENGLISH / FRENCH)

Florent Détroit; Constance de Monbrison; Elena Martinez-Jacquet; Wilfredo P. Ronquillo; Ramon N. Villegas;

The fourth special issue of Tribal Art magazine is devoted to the exhibition Philippines, archipelago of Exchanges organized by musée du quai Branly in Paris and curated by Constance de Monbrison and Corazon Alvina. The exhibition on view from April 9th until July 24th 2013 brings together a unique selection of indigenous works of art from, chosen from museum collections in the Philippines, America and Europe as well as from private collections. This special issue follows the same path as the exhibition itself. Starting with the unique arts of the Highland regions, to then descend and follow the long coastlines. The importance of gold is treated as a chapter of its own and the early history of the Philippines is pieced together with the aid of recent Archaeological discoveries and the study of ancient burial vessels. Designed to accompany the first exhibition exclusively dedicated to traditional Philippine arts, this publication is a succinct introduction to a wonderful subject which will undeniably make it a useful and lasting reference.

Spirits Speak: A Celebration of African Masks

Spirits Speak: A Celebration of African Masks - (ENGLISH)

Peter Stepan & Iris Hahner
Prestel Verlag

This beautiful book presents a selection of some of the finest African masks known from European museum and private collections. Most are well known and have been previously illustrated, but this book is addressed to a wider public. Masks were made for one primary reason: the dance. Each ceremony has its own masks and each mask, its wearer. Beautiful full-page illustrations present these fine objects from all over Africa, and the book offers an excellent overview of the wide variety and creativity they exhibit.

Splendid Heritage:
Perspectives on American Indian Art

Splendid Heritage: Perspectives on American Indian Art - (ENGLISH)

John et Marva Warnock
University of Utah Press

Splendid Heritage was published in conjunction with an eponymous exhibition that opened at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts earlier this winter, and which will be on display there until late March 2010. The catalogue showcases a beautiful array of traditional arts and crafts from a number of Native American tribes, illustrating both the variety and similarity in their works. It offers readers an extensive exploration of objects both precious and utilitarian, including costumes and footwear, war clubs and pipe bowls, dolls and toy cradles—all present in the daily lives of these tribes. The volume's high-quality photographs, in both full-object and detail shots, provide exquisite representations of the artworks in the exhibition.

Standing on Ceremony

Standing on Ceremony - (ENGLISH)

Marianne Berardi
Western Reserve Historical Society

This is the catalogue for an exhibition of the same title that was based on traditional African arms from the collection of Donna L. and Robert H. Jackson. Though small and far from comprehensive, the book presents a variety of excellent examples of African edged weapons accompanied by informative text. This slim but finely produced volume is a welcome addition to scholarship and documentation in this particular field.

Surfaces: Color, Substances, and Ritual Applications on African Sculpture

Surfaces: Color, Substances, and Ritual Applications on African Sculpture - (ENGLISH)

Leonard Kahan & Donna Page & Pascal James Imperato
Indiana University Press

Every piece of African woodcarving has an embellished surface, whether it is dyed, pigmented, refurbished, or encrusted with sacrificial matter. Surfaces is the first book to present a detailed study of what happens to African wood sculpture from its creation to its ritual use to its “retirement.” The six essays by distinguished African art historians investigate cultural practices associated with surface decoration, the practitioners responsible for the applications, and the reasons for the use of specific materials. Luxurious color and black- and-white photographs embellish the text and illustrate the power and potency of African sculpture. A comprehensive listing of colorings and raw materials is also included. For students, museum professionals, and collectors, this book will become an important reference that will inspire new appreciation of African art and artistry.

S’abadeb, The Gifts: Pacific Coast Salish Art and Artists

S’abadeb, The Gifts: Pacific Coast Salish Art and Artists - (ENGLISH)

Barbara Brotherton
University of Washington Press

This fully illustrated catalog was published to accompany a namesake exhibition at Seattle Art Museum earlier this winter and allows those unable to visit the museum to experience the objects in it through fine quality photographs. The Salish First Nations peoples have a rich culture that is thoroughly documented in this book through the expertise of its many contributors. History and culture among the Salish have traditionally been transmitted through storytelling and oral literature, but through this fine book, the reader will see how material objects, whether ceremonial or utilitarian, serve this purpose as well. S’abadeb also includes a substantial interview with contemporary Coast Salish artist Susan Point, in which she discusses her perspective on many of the objects featured.