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Najwa Borro

Najwa Borro is assistant curator for exhibitions at the Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac.

Éric Boudot

Éric Boudot studies and collects Chinese art. He has frequently traveled to and conducted research in southwestern China.

Roger Boulay

Roger Boulay is a researcher and curator of exhibitions. He is also charged with the mission for the direction of the Musees de France.

Arthur P. Bourgeois

Arthur P. Bourgeois is a professor of art history at Governors State University and has published extensively on the Yaka and Suku peoples.

Steve Bourget

Steve Bourget is the scientific curator for the exhibition Les rois Mochica at the Musée d’Ethnographie of Geneva.

Anne-Marie Bouttiaux

Armel Bouvier

Armel Bouvier is a doctor of physics and archaeomaterials. He is responsible for date testing at CIRAM.

Ross Bowden

Ross Bowden is a professor of anthropology at La Trobe University in Australia.