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Nii O. Quarcoopome

Nii O. Quarcoopome is curator of African art and head of the department of Africa, Oceania, and Indigenous Americas at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Noëlle Rathmell-Stiels

Noëlle Rathmell-Stiels is a Belgian arts writer and linguist based in Sydney. She has created and managed the website of the Oceanic Art Society (Sydney) and is the Pacific correspondent Tribal Art magazine.

Casey Reed

A research associate at the Laboratory of Anthropology at the Museum of New Mexico and the American Indian Research Center in Santa Fe

James W. Reid

F. Kent Reilly III

Mirella Ricciardi


Rhys Richards

Rhys Richards is former New Zealand High Commissioner to the Solomon Islands and a prolific author. His most recent work is The Austral Islands: History, Art, and Art History.

Ethan Rider

Ethan Rider has been in the business of selling, photographing, appraising, and researching African tribal art since 2004. He specializes in African weapons.

Margaret Rinkevich

Margaret Rinkevich is an art historian and artist who divides her time between San Francisco, California, and Telluride, Colorado.