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Hasan López Sanz

Hasan López Sanz is an anthropologist and associate professor in the department of philosophy at the University of Valencia. His research focuses on photography and its public use.

Kristyne Loughran

Kristyne Loughran is an independent scholar with expertise on Tuareg culture and jewelry.

Victoria I. Lyall

Victoria I. Lyall is associate curator of Latin American Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Klaus Maaz

Klaus Maaz is an independent scholar and collector of Oceanic art. He has published signifi cant works on the subject.

Richard Margolis

Richard Margolis is an independent researcher of early Eskimo and indigenous Siberian art.

Peter Mark

Angèle Martin

Angèle Martin researched the collections of the museums of France overseas as part of his studies at the Ecole du Louvre. He is now in charge of scientific archives of the Musée du Quai Branly.

Elena Martinez-Jacquet

Elena Martínez-Jacquet is editor in chief for Europe and special issues manager of Tribal Art magazine. Elle she is also the founder of PRIMITIVE FINE ARTS, a consulting society specialised in promoting public and private tribal art collections from African Oceania, Asia and the Americas. Discover her work:

Stéphane Massonet

He publishes and lectures on the avant-garde, ethnology, and literature. He also works in the fields of digital media and long-term preservation of cultural heritage.

Natasha McKinney

Natasha McKinney curated the exhibition Shifting Patterns: Pacifi c Barkcloth Clothing and, until recently, was the Oceania curator at the British Museum.