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- SAHEL Art and Empires on the Shores of the Sahara
African art #95
- Scrofulous Sogolon: Scanning the Sunjata Epic
By Marc Ghysels , Anne-Marie Bouttiaux
African art #75
- Sculptural Masterpieces of Arctic Hunters
By Bryan R. Just
Tribal art #54
- Secrets: Fetishes of Africa
By Catherine de Clippel
Tribal art #46
- Seeing the Unseen: Visionary Aspects of Eskimo Snow Goggles
By Margaret Rinkevich
Tribal art #65
- Seizure of Art Objects
By Robert K. Patterson
Tribal art #34
- Senufo: Art and Identity in West Africa
By Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi , Constantine Petridis
African art #75
- Sepik : Arts of Papua New Guinea
By Philippe Peltier
African art #77
- Seventeenth-Century Woodlands War Clubs
By Winfield Coleman
Tribal art #52
- Shadows in the Forest: The Dendroglyphs of Rekohu
By Eric Kjellgren
Tribal art #35
- Shamanic Art of the Upper Xingu
By Winfield Coleman
Tribal art #38
- Sharon &Sam Singer. An exhilarating collaboration
By Jonathan Fogel
Tribal art #64
- Shields of the New Guinea Highlands at the Museum Gugging
By Chris Boylan , Johann Feilacher
Tribal art #59
- Shifting Patterns Barkcloth of the Pacific
By Natasha McKinney
Oceanic art #79
- Siguas Textiles
By James W. Reid
Tribal art #42
- Sixty Objects from Easter Island
By Philippe Bourgoin
Tribal art #49
- Slingshots of Guatemala
By Mayer Schames
Tribal art #33
- Social Organization, Ritual Life, and Art among the Peoples of the Highlands
By Constance de Monbrison
South-east asian art SI#4
- Somuk: The First Modern Artist of the Pacific
Oceanic art #94
- Sons of the Forest: The Photography of Max Schmidt (1900–1935)
By Hasan López Sanz
Tribal art #76
- Spain Pays Homage to North America
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
Tribal art #59
- Special Report: The musée du Quai Branly
By Philippe Bourgoin
Tribal art #41
- Special Requests: African Art and Patronage at the Cincinnati Art Museum
By Nicole N. Bridges , Cynthia Amnéus
African art #83
- Spiritual Connections: Charles Derby on Collecting
By Alexander R Arthur
Tribal art #73
- Splendid Heritage Redux
By Clinton Nagy
Tribal art #55
- Spotlight on Santa Fe
By Christopher Selser
Tribal art #41
- Steffen Patzwahl: A Man of Enlightened Vision
By Noëlle Ghilain
Tribal art #89
- Stephen Thompson and the British Museum
By Pamela Glasson Roberts
Tribal art #74
- Steven Michaan - Art of the Spirit World: Woodlands, Arctic, and Northwest Coast
By Jonathan Fogel
Native american art #86
- Stolen!
By Sebastian Miller
Tribal art #33