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- Pre-Columbian Gold of Costa Rica
By Forrest D. Colburn
Tribal art #38
- Preserving the Vanishing: Images of Native Americans by Charles Bird King
By Mille Gabriel
Tribal art #66
- Primitive Sculpture of Nepal
By Eric Chazot
Tribal art #40
- Primitivism in Photography
By Valentine A. Plisnier
Tribal art #41
- Quileute Ceremonial Art
By Barbara Brotherton
Tribal art #58
- Radiance from the Rainforest: Featherwork in Ancient Peru
By Heidi King
Tribal art #48
- Raoul Lehuard
By Alain Lecomte
Tribal art #62
- Re-Collecting Father Viegen’s Asmat Objects
By Frans-Karel Weener
Indonesian art #73
- Reconsidering American Art: Charles and Valerie Diker
By Gaylord Torrence
Native american art #90
- Red Cloud, Dog Child, and the “Long Knife” of the Samurai in Indian Country
By Cesare Marino , Robert Pontsioen , Paul Michael Taylor
Native american art #91
- Rediscovered Byeri in Madrid
By Francisco de Santos
Tribal art #54
- Rediscovered Memories of Mangareva
By Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter
Tribal art #51
- Regards de Marchands
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
Tribal art #53
- René and Odette Delenne
By Constantine Petridis
Tribal art #61
- Reopening of the Rautenstraueh-Joest Museum
By Julia Engelhard
Tribal art #57
- Repatriation of Maori Heads
By Yves-Bernard Debie
Tribal art #57
- Restitution: Left Only with Our Eyes with Which to Cry
By Bertrand Goy
Tribal art #91
- Restitution: The Tides of History or a Trend of the Times?
By Yves-Bernard Debie
Tribal art #89
- Reunited: Two Urhobo Shrine Sculptures
By Perkins Foss
African art #73
- Revealing the African Presence in Renaissance Europe
By Joaneath Spicer
Tribal art #66
- Revisiting the Dakar-Djibouti Expedition
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
Tribal art #52
- Richard Scheller and the Arts of Africa
By Jonathan Fogel
African art #74
- Ritual Bronzes of the Amur Region of Eastern Siberia
By Richard Margolis
Tribal art #81
- Ritual Masks of Nuo Exorcism Performance
By Éric Boudot , Philippe Fatin
Tribal art #44
- Robert Lebel’s Notebook
Tribal art #82
- Royal Hawaiian Featherwork
By Christina Hellmich
Tribal art #78
- Royal Necklaces of Hawaii
By David Young
Tribal art #36
- Royal Robes: Native American Hide Paintings
By Christian Feest
Tribal art #45
- Sacred Africa in Montreal
By Nathalie Bondil
Tribal art #43
- Sacrilege? A Criminal Act? Or Simply the Fair and Straightforward Application of French Law?
By Yves-Bernard Debie
Tribal art #69