Sipán. El tesoro de la tumbas reales

This book both pays homage to and serves as a reminder of the great wealth of the historic heritage of the Lambayeque region of Peru. The author presents a thorough scientific study of the social implications and cultural importance of the fabulous discoveries of the royal graves in Sipán. This region, which was among the most important of ancient Peru, was home to one of the best-known ancient cultures there, the Moche. Three principal themes are approached in the book: historic context; the archeological excavations; and the project called Prodesipán, the objective of which is to improve the quality of life of the population of the region. To that end, for every copy sold, two euros will go to the people of Sipán.

By Antonio Aimi & Walter Alva & Emilia Perassi
Published in Spanish by Giunti in collaboration with Fondo Italo Peruano, Florence, 2008 192 pp, 24.5 cm x 26 cm.

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