Regards de masques: Carnets de route au Gabon

Since there is an interest for African art, the identity of these objects' creators or first owners has been occulted, almost always excluded from books solely focusing on the aesthetic. This absence leads us to doubt of the existence of the authors and owners of objects presented as anonymous masterworks by the occidental world. Have these lost masks never had a master to sculpt them and touch them with love and respect? Have no caring hand ever smoothed the Kaolin before drying it to the flame of a torch in okoumé? Would their departure have caused no regrets, no tears? All these objects, orphans in museum's displays or in some private collections, have families that their new owners too often chose to ignore. This road book intend to make these people, their faces and their gazes, come alive, faces and gazes that are deeply intertwined with those of their masks.

By Pierre Amrouche
Published in July 2015 192 pages ; 24,00 x 19,00 cm

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