SPECIAL ISSUE #5 Kota: New Light

For over 15 years, computer engineer Frédéric Cloth has studied more than 2,000 examples of Kota art. His research has revealed a number of analogies and suggests the existence of three distinct types of reliquary figures. His findings are now the object of an exhibition at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, giving visitors a unique opportunity to interact with Cloth’s digital database. This special edition, which has been produced in association with the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, is designed to broaden the debate about traditional Kota art. It features essays by Kristina Van Dyke and Frédéric Cloth—co-currators of the Pulitzer exhibition—, Louis Perrois, and Pierre Amrouche.


By Tribal Art magazine, Frederic Cloth, Louis Perrois, Kristina Van Dyke

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