SPECIAL ISSUE #2 : Dogon Masterworks

Having drawn more than 195,000 visitors, the Dogon exhibition organized by Hélène Leloup at the Musée du Quai Branly from April through July 2011 demonstrated that in addition to representing an important cultural patrimony for the French people, it also remains something mysterious and tantalizing more than a century after its first encounter with the West. This special publication was built around Bernard de Grunne’s proposal to publish a paper on the Master of Ogol, the first master hand to have been identified in Dogon art. In doing so, we have had the pleasure of bringing together for the first time all of the seventeen known works that make up this corpus.


By de Grunne Bernard; LaGamma Alisa; Lopez Hasan G.; Maggiar Alexis
Published by Primedia sprl Bilingual edition, french-english 56 pages fully illustrated

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