Du fleuve Niger au fleuve Congo: An Africain Adventure

Claude-Henri Pirat reveals here the great sculpture of West and Central Africa as well as more ordinary objects that he has collected over many years. An ardent traveller, he has regularly visited the African continent even in the most remote areas and this book contains many photos taken on these trips. Following the foreword of Anne-Marie Bouttiaux and the preface of François Neyt, all the texts, including the ethnographic ones are by the author. To this, is added an original photographic work the author has decided to undertake himself concerning the works of art presented here, with the aim of reviving the elegant black and white sobriety.


By Claude-Henri Pirat
Published in French (2014) with a translation,
at the end of the book, in English. 35,5 x 25,5 cm; 322 pages, numerous black-and-white photographs.

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