Regards de marchands. La passion des arts premiers

The catalog of the exhibition organized by the Parcours des Mondes art fair at the Monnaie de Paris reveals masterpieces of tribal art through the eyes of the principal dealers in the field. The objects presented here were sold at one time or another by the dealers who participated in the Parcours. Most are in private collections and few have previously been published. This beautifully illustrated book features unpublished interviews with Helene Leloup and collector Guy Porre, as well as biographies of some sixty international dealers that reveal a wide variety of experiences in this little-recognized profession. It also shows the role that these fascinating personalities have played in discovering and promoting rare and important artworks from the world's far-flung cultures.

By Elena Martinez-Jacquet, Berenice Geoffroy-Schneiter
Published in French by Primedia, Arquennes, 2009 192 pages, 160 illustrations, 25 x 30 cm

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