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Parcours des Mondes catalogue 2019

Parcours des Mondes catalogue 2019 - (ENGLISH / FRENCH)

Parcours des mondes

Parcours des Mondes is the foremost annual show dedicated to traditional art from Africa, Asia, Oceania and The Americas as well as Ancient Art from the entire world. It brings together around sixty art galleries in Paris, specializing in the arts of Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Americas and Archeology. During the second week of September, German, American, British, Australian, Belgian, Canadian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swiss and French galleries join their Parisian colleagues settled in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés & Beaux-Arts district. Discover all the details about the fair in the beautiful catalogue on sale at 25$. It counts more than 170 pages and more than 300 color illustrations.

TRIBAL ART OF THE HIMALAYAS in private collections

TRIBAL ART OF THE HIMALAYAS in private collections - (FRENCH)

Alain Bovis
Galerie Alain Bovis

"This book is both an introduction to the quality of Himalayan works of art and an aesthetic journey illustrating my view on these works. Here the sacred is omnipresent. Monasteries cling to the mountainsides, elevating spirits. Humans endeavour to get to grips with the immensity of the Roof of the World and the gods are never far away. Shamans coexist in large numbers alongside Brahmins and Lamas. This is the birthplace of Buddhism and, earlier still, of the ancient Bonpo religion, rooted in animism. Fortified by their beliefs, humans keep the art of sculpture alive, whether to honour the god of a temple, to protect a bridge or to make masks dance. This ancient Himalayan culture, enriched over the centuries by the inspiration of sculptors, expresses human life with a remarkable intensity." Alain Bovis. On sale on at 75€. SPECIAL DISCOUNT FOR TRIBAL ART MAGAZINE subscribers: 10%.

Toys for the Souls. Life and Art on the Mentawai Islands

Toys for the Souls. Life and Art on the Mentawai Islands - (ENGLISH)

Reimar Schefold

This book presents a detailed and inspiring picture of the traditional ways of life and the impressive art of the Mentawai archipelago located off the west coast of Sumatra in Indonesia. This shamanistic culture, most notably found on the northernmost island of Siberut, maintains an ancient relationship between man and the spiritual world. Within this worldview, everything is animated. Not only do humans have souls, but so do animals, plants and objects. To please these souls and to create harmony, alluring artifacts have been created for generations. In this way life, art, ritual and esthetics are intertwined: a notion reflected in the field photographs and in the beautiful and rare objects that are described and illustrated here. Toys for the Souls reveals for the first time the richness and creative power of an artistic imagination, deeply rooted in Southeast Asian prehistory.

Textiles of Japan

Textiles of Japan - (ENGLISH)

Thomas Murray, Virginia Soenksen et Anna Jackson
Prestel, Munich

From rugged Japanese fi remen’s ceremonial robes and austere rural workwear to colorful, delicately patterned cotton kimonos, this lavishly illustrated volume explores Japan’s rich tradition of textiles. Textiles are an eloquent form of cultural expression and of great importance in the daily life of a people, as well as in their rituals and ceremonies. The traditional clothing and fabrics featured in this book were made and used in the islands of the Japanese archipelago between the late eighteenth and the mid twentieth centuries. The Thomas Murray Collection featured in this book includes daily dress, workwear, and festival garb and follows the Arts and Crafts philosophy of the Mingei Movement, which recognizes that modernization leaves behind traditional art forms, such as the handmade textiles used by country people, farmers, and fisherman. It includes subtly patterned cotton fabrics, often indigo dyed, from the main islands of Honshu and Kyushu, along with garments of the more remote islands: the graphic barkcloth, nettle-fiber, and fish-skin robes of the aboriginal Ainu in Hokkaido and Sakhalin to the north and the brilliantly colored cotton kimonos of Okinawa to the far south. Numerous examples of these fabrics, photographed in exquisite detail, offer insight into Japan’s complex textile history as well as inspiration for today’s designers and artists. This beautiful volume explores the range and artistry of the country’s tradition of fiber arts and is an essential resource for anyone captivated by the Japanese aesthetic.

Maternity. Mother and Children in the Arts of Africa

Maternity. Mother and Children in the Arts of Africa - (ENGLISH / FRENCH)

Herbert M. Cole

This book is the result of a lifelong fascination with the subject of the mother and child in the arts of Africa. Its author, Herbert M. Cole, professor emeritus of art history at the University of California at Santa Barbara, uses this book as the vehicle for sharing the results of his long years of research. He delivers a pointed analysis of the breadth of notions from across the continent on the subject of maternity, as well as visual interpretations of the representation of the mother and child take in both a biological perspective (fertility) and a social one (ritual practices and the expression of power). Enhanced by illustrations and descriptions of a wide selection of choice works both from institutional and private collections, this book offers a panorama of the sensibilities and styles through which this subject has been approached throughout Africa, realized through the creation of many kinds of artworks, including ritual figures, stools and thrones, architectural elements, and royal scepters.

Parcours des mondes Catalogue - 2018

Parcours des mondes Catalogue - 2018 - (ENGLISH / FRENCH)

Parcours des mondes

Now in its seventeen year, Parcours des Mondes, the premier international Tribal and Asian art fair, which takes place in the lovely neighbourhood of Saint-Germaindes-Prés, Paris, will feature outstanding programming, and events. Discover all the details about the fair in the beautiful catalogue on sale at 25$. It counts about 170 pages and more than 200 color illustrations.

Barabaig. Life, Love, and Death on Tanzania’s Hanang

Barabaig. Life, Love, and Death on Tanzania’s Hanang - (ENGLISH)

Charles Lane
River Books, Londres et Bangkok

As part of his doctoral studies at the Institute of Development Studies, Charles Lane lived among the Barabaig, a group of nomadic cattle herders in north central Tanzania. This was the beginning of a lifelong relationship, and his new book elaborates on this extraordinary experience. He explains here why the Barabaig had a propensity to steal cattle and practice “ritual murder.” Despite this, he found them to be generous and caring companions, giving him his own cattle and sharing all aspects of their lives. However, their reputation has led them to be widely feared and disliked by administrators and neighbors, thereby contributing to the seizure of much of their lands and abuse of their rights. In response to the many challenges faced by the Barabaig, Lane helped them mount a legal case against the loss of their lands and conducted an international campaign in defense of their human rights. Illustrated with photographs by Lane, this beautiful book shows the Barabaig’s artistry in many facets of their lives.

Du Jourdain au Congo. Art et christianisme en Afrique centrale

Du Jourdain au Congo. Art et christianisme en Afrique centrale - (ENGLISH / FRENCH)

Julien Volper Publication: Flammarion, the Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac

The catalog for the eponymous exhibition at the Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, which was the subject of an in-depth article in our spring 2017 edition (, this book is a remarkable synthesis of the five-century history of contact the various populations of Central Africa had with Christianity and the spreading of the faith through missionary activity and liturgical objects. The latter notably include the crucifix and representations of Mary and the saints that gave rise to rich and varied local reinterpretations.

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