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Alex Copeland

Alex Copeland is an associate editor for Tribal Art magazine.

François Coppens

Raymond Corbey

Philosopher and anthropologist who holds a chair in the epistemology of archaeology in the Faculties of Archaeology and Philosophy of Leiden University.

Joseph-Aurélien Cornet

A recognized authority on the arts of the Congo and Zaire, who was the the general director of the Institut des Musées Nationaux de Zaire in Kinshasa

Mike Cowdrey

Mike Cowdrey is author, with Ned & Jody Martin, of American Indian Horse Masks (2006: Hawk Hill Press)

Cédric Crémière

Milène Cresenz Rossi

Art historian wh is completing her doctorate on oceanic clubs at the University of Vienna. Her master's thesis at the University of Geneva was on Yombe phemba maternity figures.

Monique Crick

Director of the Baur Foundation of Geneva.