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Virginia-Lee Webb

Virginia-Lee Webb is an art historian and guest curator for the Menil Collection, Houston. She is a retired Research Curator formerly with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. She was guest curator for the new installation of the arts of Africa and the Pacifi c at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

Frans-Karel Weener

Frans-Karel Weener is a freelance researcher and consultant in the field of ethnographic art and collection histories based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Alongside his ongoing projects, he is looking into ways to fund his research on Geelvink Bay collections. He hopes to extend this research into a PhD.

Catherine Elliott Weinberg

Catherine Elliott Weinberg holds an MA from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, and is a London-based arts freelancer.

Louis T. Wells

Professor of International Management, harvard Business School and has served as consultant to the Liberian government.

Robert L. Welsch

Robert L. Welsch is a Visiting Professor of Anthropology at Dartmouth College and an Adjunct Curator of Anthropology at the Field Museum, Chicago.

Moira White

A curator in the department of Human and Social Sciences at the Otago Museum in Dunedin, with a speciality in Oceania

Mark Wiesman

Mark Wiesman is a long-time collector of Oceanic art.

Sonja Wijs

Sonja Wijs is an anthropologist specializing in African art and the history of Dutch ethnological collections. She is currently a freelance researcher at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam.

Fatma Wille

Fatma Wille is a pre-Columbian art consultant.