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Matthew H. Robb

Matthew H. Robb is curator for the Arts of the Americas at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and former associate curator for the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas at the Saint Louis Art Museum.

Nicolas Rolland

Nicolas Rolland is an art historian specializing in tribal art. A dealer, he is an advisor for the Musée Spiritain des Arts Africains and program director for development and conservation of the Fonds Spiritain.

David F. Rosenthal

David F. Rosenthal is a San Francisco–based dealer specializing in Oceanic art.

Holly W. Ross

Co-organizer of the Princeton University Art Museum exhibition "Life Objects: Rites of passage in African Art".

Raphaël Rousseleau

Anthropological researcher specializing in the tribal cultures of India.

Christophe Roustan-Delatour

Christophe Roustan-Delatour is assistant conservator and assistant curator at the Cannes museums.

Emilie Salaberry

Emilie Salaberry is curator for the extra-European collections at the Musee d'Angouleme.

Claude Savary

Former curator in charge of the History collection of the Musée du Quai Branly.

Karl-Ferdinand Schaedler

African art collector and scholar who has published extensively on the subject.

Mayer Schames