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Barbara Plankensteiner

Barbara Plankensteiner is curator for African art at the Museum für Völkerkunde in Vienna.

Valentine A. Plisnier

Teacher and photographer, who is doing doctoral research in ethno-aesthetics and preparing a publication on "primitivism" in photography.

John M. D. Pohl

John M. D. Pohl is an adjunct professor in the Department of Art History at the University of California at Los Angeles.

Matthew S. Polk

Matthew S. Polk Jr. is a co-founder of the Historic Textile Research Foundation.

Françoise Pommaret

Francoise Pommaret is director of research at the CNRS and conseiller at the Institut de langue et culture bhoutanaise, Royal University of Bhutan.

Robert Pontsioen

Robert Pontsioen (PhD, U. of Aberdeen) is anthropologist and researcher in the Smithsonian Institution’s.

Marianne Pourtal Sourrieu

Marianne Pourtal Sourrieu is head of the Musée d’Arts Africains, Océaniens, Amérindiens in Marseille.

George Nelson Preston

George Nelson Preston is a professor of art history at the City College/City University of New York and has published extensively on African art.

Suzanne Preston Blier

Suzanne Preston Blier is chair of Fine Arts and of African and African American Studies at Harvard University.

Bertrand Prévost

HDR lecturer in art history and aesthetics at the University Bordeaux-Montaigne fine arts department.