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Russell Jalbert

Russell Jalbert has written several books on the history of New England and co-authored Mocotaugan: The Story and Art of the Crooked Knife.

Alessandro Jill

Conservateur pour les arts textiles aux Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

Barbara C. Johnson

Barbara C. Johnson is an independent scholar who has published on various aspects of tribal art.

Julie Jones

Julie Jones is curator emeritus at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

David F. Jones

David Jones is Keeper of Human History at the Ipswich Museum, Suffolk, UK.

Manuel Jordán

Manuel Jordán is chief curator and director of collections at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix and is an extensively published Africanist specializing in Chokwe art and culture.

Hélène Joubert

Peter Junge

Bryan R. Just

Bryan R. Just is assistant curator of art of the ancient Americas at the Princeton University Art Museum.