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Jacques Germain

Jacques Germain is a North American dealer specializing in African art.

Gregory Ghent

Gregory Ghent is an art appraiser and co-curator of Touched by Wonder.

Noëlle Ghilain

Noëlle Ghilain is sales and communications manager for Tribal Art magazine.

Marc Ghysels

Marc Ghysels holds a medical degree and specializes in radiology. His Brussels art consultancy firm centered on radiology collaborates with many international museums, auction houses, and private collectors.

Tom Gidwitz

Tom Gidwitz is an extensively published writer, editor, and photographer.

Alexandre Girard-Muscagorry

Alexandre Girard-Muscagorry studies conservation at the Institut National du Patrimoine.

Pamela Glasson Roberts

Pamela Glasson Roberts is a former curator at the British Royal Photographic Society and has authored a number of books on the history of photography.

Amy L. Gould

Amy L. Gould is a co-founder of the Historic Textile Research Foundation.