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Antonio Aimi

Antonio Aimi teaches art and pre-Columbian civilizations at the Università degli Studi in Milan.

Richard Aldridge

Richard Aldridge is an Australian-based private dealer with considerable field experience specializing in the art of New Guinea.

Elizabeth Altick

Cynthia Amnéus

Cynthia Amnéus is chief curator for the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Pierre Amrouche

Pierre Amrouche is an expert in tribal art and a consultant for Christie’s. With Alain de Monbrison, he was the expert for the Goldet (2001) and Vérité (2006) sales.

Duane Anderson

Timothy Anglin Burgard

Timothy Anglin Burgard is the Ednah Root Curator-in-Charge of American Art for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco