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- Images of Moctezuma
By Guilhem Olivier , Leonardo Lôpez Lujân
Tribal art #54
- Images of Plains Indians by Karl Bodmer
By Tom McLaughlin
Tribal art #50
- Imun Ajo’: A “Missing Link”
By Jonathan Fogel
Asian art #90
- In and Out of the Studio: Photographic Portraits from West Africa
By Yaëlle Biro , Giulia Paoletti
African art #77
- In Search of Adventure: Count Rudolf Festetics and the Tolna’s Journeys in the Pacific
By Judit Antoni
Tribal art #34
- In the Beginning There Was Thread: The Inca Dress Code— Textiles and Adornment in Pre-Columbian America
By Agathe Torres
Native american art #90
- In the Beginning Was the Python
By Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter
Tribal art #58
- In the Beginning Was Woman
By Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter
Tribal art #52
- Inca: Origins and Mysteries of the Civilization of Gold
By Antonio Aimi
Tribal art #55
- India’s Other Masters
By Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter
Tribal art #55
- Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilization
By Gaye Sculthorpe
Aboriginal art #76
- Inquiry about a Skull
By Marianne Pourtal Sourrieu
Tribal art #60
- Inscriptions: Establishing a Pre-1937 Acquisition Date for 1,525 Central African Sculptures
By Constantine Petridis
African art #85
- International Tribal Art Book Prize
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
Tribal art #83
- Interviews with Louis Schweitzer and Marc Henry
By Emmanuel Pierrat
Tribal art #65
- Introduction Primary Sources: Objects As Evidence
By Kristina Van Dyke
African art SI#5
- Invoking the Spirits. Oceanic and Indonesian Musical Instruments in the Helena Folch Collection
By Madeleine Leclair
Tribal art #64
- J. O. Lewis and The Aboriginal Port Folio
By Jonathan Fogel
Native american art #89
- James Edward Little: Dealer, Faker, Inept Thief
By Hermione Waterfield
Tribal art #76
- James J. Ross and African Art
By Jonathan Fogel
Tribal art #59
- Javier Silva-Meinel
By Forrest D. Colburn
Tribal art #58
- Jeremiah H. Fogelson
By Jonathan Fogel
Tribal art #57
- Joel Picia’s Malangan
By Bart van Bussel
Tribal art #51
- John Kenny
By Jonathan Fogel
Tribal art #67
- José Bedia: Maker of Spiritual and Artistic Connections
By Alexander R Arthur
Tribal art #76
- Josep Tapiró: Virtuoso Portraits from Tangiers
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
Tribal art #72
- Justin and Barbara Kerr
By Tom Gidwitz
Tribal art #40
- K. F. Wong: Images of Borneo
By François Coppens
Tribal art #49
- Karl-Ferdinand Schädler
By Sebastian Miller
Tribal art #53
- Katsina in Hopi Life
By Susan Secakuku , Kim Walters , Paige Bardolph
Tribal art #67