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- Frederick Weygold: A Rediscovery
By Christian Feest
Native american art #83
- French Museum Collections: An Inalienable Patrimony
By Yves-Bernard Debie
Tribal art #84
- From Africa to New York
By Yaëlle Biro
African art SI#3
- From Fontem to Berlin: The Long Journey of a Bangwa Lefem Staff
By Bettina von Lintig
African art #76
- From One View to Another
By Philippe Bourgoin
Tribal art #43
- From Stone to Brass. Forging an Indigenous Entitlement
By Robert K. Patterson
Tribal art #53
- From the Baggage of Margaret Mead to That of La Korrigane: The Curious Story of a Large Biwat Painting at the Musée du Quai Branly
By Christian Coiffier
Tribal art #68
- From the Jordan to the Congo: Connections and Syncretism
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
African art #83
- Funerary Posts of the Sara
By Nii O. Quarcoopome , Celestin Clamra
Tribal art #40
- Future Primitive: A Glimpse into the World of Ross Lovegrove
By Alexander R Arthur
Tribal art #66
- Gauguin and Polynesia: An Elusive Paradise
By Suzanne Greub
Tribal art #63
- Georges Meurant: African Collections and Studies
By Pierre Thoma
African art #80
- Gillett G. Griffin
By Forrest D. Colburn
Tribal art #43
- Gold from an Ancient Realm
By Ramon N. Villegas
South-east asian art SI#4
- Golden Kingdoms: Luxury Arts in the Ancient Americas
By Joanne Pillsbury
Precolumbian art #87
- Gongs and Trumpeting: A Reevaluation of Vietnam’s Museum Patrimony
By France-Aimée Nguyen Huu Giao
Tribal art #68
- Gontran de Poncins
By Christophe Roustan-Delatour
Tribal art #38
- Gordon Sze
By Jonathan Fogel
Tribal art #67
- Grenoble: An Instinctive Collection
By Philippe Boudin
Tribal art #35
- Hei Tiki of New Zealand Aotearoa
By Magali Mélandri
Tribal art #62
- Henry Christy’s Ancient Mexican Treasures
By Catherine Elliott Weinberg
Tribal art #52
- Heroic Africans: Legendary Leaders, Iconic Sculptures
By Alisa La Gamma
Tribal art #61
- Holophusicon: The Leverian Museum
By Winfield Coleman
Tribal art #62
- Homage to Songye Sculptors
By Anne-Marie Bouttiaux
Tribal art #35
- How a Chance Visit with a London Art Dealer Led Me to William Oldman
By Robert Hales
Tribal art #81
- How Can Two Continents Share a Collection?
By Anne-Claire Laronde
Tribal art #54
- Human-Type Visages in Peruvian Pre-Columbian Textile Art
By James W. Reid
Tribal art #68
- Hunstein Art: Eight Garra in the Collection of the National Gallery of Australia
Oceanic art #82
- Iberian Collections in Madrid
By Philippe Boudin
Tribal art #38
- Icons of Perfection
By Frank Herreman
Tribal art #40