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- Design in Africa
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
Tribal art #67
- Dinasty and Divinity: Ife Art in Ancient Nigeria
By Henry John Drewal , Enid Schildkrout
Tribal art #53
- Dining with Kings Ceremony and Hospitality in the Cameroon Grassfields
By Erica P. Jones
African art #87
- Discovered: A Supremely Rare and Important Yoruba Bowl by Olowe of Ise
By Susan Kloman , Catherine Elliott
Tribal art #35
- Dogon Sacred Art at the Quai Branly
By Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter
Tribal art #60
- Dogon: Myth & Reality in Mali
By Arnold Wenthold
Tribal art #37
- Dr. Werner Muensterberger
By George Nelson Preston
Tribal art #39
- Drawing “The Other” at the Muséum in Le Havre
By Gabrielle Baglione , Cédric Crémière
Tribal art #49
- Eagles and Commerce
By Will Fry
Tribal art #39
- Early History
By Florence Détroit
South-east asian art SI#4
- Easter Island: A Traveler’s notes
By Michael Kenna
Tribal art #33
- Easter Island: The Navel of the World?
Oceanic art #95
- Eclectic: A 21st-Century Collection
Tribal art #82
- Edmond Dartevelle
By Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter
Tribal art #56
- Emblems of the Body at the Dapper Sensitivity and Power: A Photographic Homage to Songye Sculptors
By Anne-Marie Bouttiaux
Tribal art #35
- Emile Chambon
By Claude Savary
Tribal art #41
- Enrico Donati
By Timothy Anglin Burgard
Tribal art #45
- Ensembles of Spirits: Art in Photographs of the Papuan Gulf
By Virginia-Lee Webb
Tribal art #43
- Ernest Wauchope and the Art of the Yuat River
By Christian Coiffier
African art #78
- Ernst Beyeler. The infallible Eye of an Enlightened Humanist
By Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter
Tribal art SI#1
- Eternal Ancestors
By Alisa La Gamma
Tribal art #42
- Eternal Ancestors: Art of the Central African Reliquary at the Met
By Alisa La Gamma
Tribal art #46
- Evoking the Exotic: The Explorers Club
By James W. Reid
Tribal art #69
- Ex-Africa: Histories and Identities of a Universal Art
By Deborah Dainese
African art #91
- Exhibition Checklist
African art SI#5
- Expansion at the Denver Art Museum
By Jonathan Fogel
Tribal art #44
- Exquisite Vanity: Nkundu Sarcophagi
By Julien Volper
Tribal art #61
- Eyes on the Horizon: Oceania at the Royal Academy, London
By Maia Jessop Nuku
Oceanic art #90
- F. L. Kenett: A Forgotten Legend
By Kevin Conru
Oceanic art #93
- Fang Masks of Equatorial Africa
By Louis Perrois
Tribal art #50