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- The New York Tribal Antique Show
By Christopher Selser
Tribal art #41
- The Nkita Panel: An Image Poem
By Charlotte Grand-Dufay
Tribal art #58
- The Origins of the Museum
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
Tribal art SI#7
- The Pitt Rivers Museum Revisited
By Catherine Elliott Weinberg
Tribal art #56
- The Plains Indian Museum
By Emma I. Hansen
Tribal art #48
- The Policeman’s Eye: Paul Foelsche’s Frontier Photography
By Philip Jones
Tribal art #37
- The Polymorphous Art of the Maya of Guatemala
By Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter
Tribal art #61
- The Possibility of Trade in Antique Ivory
By Yves-Bernard Debie
Tribal art #85
- The Radiance of the Shadows: Art of the Solomon Islands
By Magali Mélandri
Oceanic art #74
- The Return of Kashaashwiimi
By Kumakaan Ngoloshang Morgan Mbeky
Tribal art #45
- The Revival of the Royal Museum for Central Africa
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
African art SI#08
- The Robert Owen Lehman Collection of Ancient West African Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
By Christraud M Geary
Tribal art #70
- The Rock Crystal Skull in Paris
By Fabienne de Pierrebourg
Tribal art #48
- The Salorges Auction: A Tragicomedy in Three Acts
By Yves-Bernard Debie
Tribal art #93
- The Scandalous Tale of a Tahitian Penu
By Jonathan Fogel
Oceanic art #88
- The Sculpture of Ubangi
By Georges Meurant
Tribal art #45
- The Sole Kavakava to Be Documented in the Hands of Easter Islanders, 1873
By Michel Orliac
Oceanic art #86
- The Taste of the Earth: The Ceramic Collection of the MRAC
By Julien Volper
African art #80
- The Tribal Art Collection of the Ipswich Museum
By David F. Jones , Barbara Harding
Tribal art #57
- The Truant Collection of Daniel Cordier
By Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter
Tribal art #51
- The UNESCO Convention of November 14, 1970: Not a Law for Criminal Prosecution
By Yves-Bernard Debie
Tribal art #90
- The UNIDROIT Convention of 1995: A Dangerous Assault on the Internal Jurisdictional Authority of Signatory Countries
By Yves-Bernard Debie
Tribal art #87
- The Vanuatu Field Collection at the National Gallery of Australia
By Crispin Howarth
Tribal art #67
- The Versailles “Masque de chasse”
By Peter Mark
Tribal art #46
- The Vuvi and Their Masks
By Charlotte Grand-Dufay
Tribal art #67
- The Worlds of F.-H. Lem
Tribal art #94
- The “Discovery” of Machu Picchu
By Antonio Aimi
Tribal art #59
- The “Mostra di Arte Negra” at the Venice Biennale in 1922
African art #95
- The “Shock of the Old” and the Passion of George Lois
By Alexander R Arthur
Tribal art #71
- Thomas Morland Hocken: Collector of Maori Artifacts
By Dimitri Anson , Anna Petersen
Tribal art #48