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- Otto Finsch: Images of the Pacific, 1879–1885
By Hilary Howes
Oceanic art #91
- Out of the Amazon: Life on the River - History of a Museum Collection
By Adam Mekler , Dirk Van Tuerenhout
Tribal art #81
- Pacific Encounters
By Julian Harding
Tribal art #42
- Pacific Encounters
By Marie-Claire Bataille-Benguigui
Tribal art #41
- Pacific Treasures: The Masco Collection Goes to Eos Angeles
By Julian Harding
Tribal art #50
- Paintings from Afar
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
Tribal art #87
- Pangolin Oracles in Southern Tanzania With Notes on Other Roles Played by the Scaly Anteater in Africa
By Maria Kecskési
African art #79
- PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Ancestral Visions Art from the Sepik–Ramu
By Kevin Conru
Oceanic art #92
- Paracas: Unpublished Treasures from Ancient Peru
By Danièle Lavallée
Tribal art #48
- Past and Present: Views of the Amazon
By Hasan López Sanz
Tribal art SI#6
- Paul Gebauer
By Virginia-Lee Webb
Tribal art #41
- Paul Guillaume and African Art
By Solveig Pigearias , Michèle Hornn
Tribal art #59
- Peggy’s Ethnopassion
By Alessia Borellini
Tribal art #49
- Perspective on Feathers
By Bertrand Prévost
Tribal art SI#6
- Peru before the Incas
By Santiago Uceda
Precolumbian art #86
- Phemba: Mother and Child among the Yombe
By Milène Cresenz Rossi
Tribal art #55
- Philippe Guimiot: Expert par excellence
By Alexander R Arthur
Tribal art #52
- Philippines: Archipelago of Exchange
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
South-east asian art SI#4
- Photographs from French Guinea and Cameroon
By Bettina von Lintig
African art #90
- Photography in Mexico in the Nineteenth Century
By Stella de Sá Rego
Tribal art #35
- Picasso Primitif: Convergence at the Source of Creation
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
Tribal art #84
- Pierluigi Peroni. A Colossal Collector of Small Objects
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
African art #83
- Pierre Dartevelle: The Collector
By Claude-Henri Pirat
African art #88
- Pitwegijig’s Manidookaanaak
By Jonathan Fogel
Oceanic art #85
- Plastic Convergences between Kota Sculptors and Cubist Painters: Reflections on the Problem of the Formal Drawing
By Frédéric Cloth
African art SI#5
- Playing with Persona
By Bérénice Geoffroy-Schneiter
Tribal art #53
- Plumes and Pearlshells: Art of the New Guinea Highlands (Wilson, Natalie)
By Nathalie Wilson
Tribal art #72
- Polynesia. Art and Divinity, 1760–1860
By Philippe Bourgoin
Tribal art #49
- Pomdo and Nomoli: Jean Houseau de Lehaie
By Julien Volper
Tribal art #41
- Portrait of a Limitless Collector
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
Tribal art SI#7