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- Martin Gusinde: The Last of the Selk’nam (Patagonia)
By Marisol Palma
Tribal art #63
- Masks and Figurines from Ammassalik: The Gustav Holm Expedition
By Leif Birger Holmstedt
Tribal art #48
- Masks of the Galwa with Black, Red, and White Markings
By Charlotte Grand-Dufay
African art #84
- Masks of the We of Western Côte d’Ivoire
By Marie-Noël Verger-Fèvre
Tribal art #37
- Massim Sorcery Figures. Figures with Long Ears and long Snouts from the Massim Region of Papua New Guinea
By Richard Aldridge , Harry Beran
Tribal art #71
- Master Hands of the Eega
By Bernard de Grunne
Tribal art #50
- Masterpieces: New Guinea Art from Tervuren (Conru, Kevin)
By Kevin Conru
Tribal art #72
- Masters of African Sculpture: Forms and Styles
By Ezio Bassani
Tribal art #43
- Matahoata: Arts and Society in the Marquesas Islands
By Carol S. Ivory
Oceanic art #80
- Maya Jade Masks
By Antonio Aimi
Tribal art #63
- Mayasa Grave Sculptures on Buton Island in Sulawesi
By Thomas Keller
Tribal art #70
- Memorial for Heroes
By Sophia Thubauville
Tribal art #64
- Mestach l’Africain
By Joelle Fiess
Tribal art #44
- Michael D. Coe: Distinguished Professor of Mesoamerican Studies
By Forrest D. Colburn
Tribal art #68
- Michael Martin: Native of Oceania
Oceanic art #82
- Michel Boulanger: “Beauty Deserves Itself”
By Françoise Barrier , Philippe Boudin
Tribal art #35
- Mimbres: Visionary Painting at LACMA
By Sebastian Miller
Precolumbian art #89
- Misattributed: A Nuu-chah-nulth Treasure Comes Home
By Sebastian Miller
Tribal art #67
- Missionaries and Idols in Polynesia
By David Shaw King
Oceanic art #77
- Moche Kings: Divinity and Power in Ancient Peru
By Steve Bourget , Leonid Velarde
Precolumbian art #74
- Mocotaugan: The Art of the Crooked Knife
By Russell Jalbert
Tribal art #38
- Mr. Many Heads
By Amy Page
Tribal art #57
- Musée de la Castre, A Museum Reborn
By Marie Wallet , Christophe Roustan-Delatour
Tribal art #34
- Musee du Cinquantenaire: New American and Oceanic Galleries
By Jonathan Fogel
Tribal art #51
- MUSÉE D’ETHNOGRAPHIE DE GENÈVE Archives of Creativity, Archives of Human Diversity
By Boris Wastiau
Tribal art #73
- Musical Sculptures: An Aesthetic View of Sonority
By Elena Martinez-Jacquet
Tribal art #69
- Myth & Magic: Art of the Sepik River— Masterpieces in Australian Collections
By Crispin Howarth
Indonesian art #76
- Naga Adornment: Ornament as Language
By Ayinla Shilu Ao
Tribal art #36
- NAGPRA: the real problem
By Robert V. Gallegos
Tribal art #35
- Native American Art at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
By Joe D. Horse Capture
Tribal art #63