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Visions Huichol

Expired: Visions Huichol

Musée d'Arts africains, océaniens, amérindiens (MAAOA)
From Sep 13 2014 to Jan 11 2015

The Huichol of southwestern Mexico are an autochthonous Indian community with strong religious beliefs long handed down from ancestral traditions. They are known for their sacred use of peyote, the hallucinogenic cactus that they believe makes it possible to commune with the gods. Their nierika, or “objects to see,” are among their most recognizable artistic traditions. These enigmatically themed and brightly colored “yarn paintings” relate to visions associated with dreams and mythology. Inspired by ancient ritual practices, these creations evolved during the twentieth century and became an art form sought after by collectors worldwide. With Visions Huichol, un Art Amérindien (Huichol Visions, an Amerindian Art), Marseille’s Musée d’Arts Africains, Océaniens, et Amérindiens presents the richness of this expressive and mystical art through works by established artists such as Benítez Sánchez and Ramón Medina. Anthropologist Michel Perrin, who spent a number of years living among the Huichol, has provided detailed information for the exhibition that enables the viewer to decipher the symbols in the works, follow the stories they tell, and, in so doing, discover a people and their history.

Art in Real Life: Traditional African Art

Expired: Art in Real Life: Traditional African Art

Lowe Art Museum
From Nov 08 2014 to Jan 11 2015

African artists producing “traditional” works have long striven to balance community values with individual success. Art in Real Life: Traditional African Art from the Lowe Art Museum explores the inherent tensions of this reality, which is impacted by pressures from a broad range of sectors, including the technological, geopolitical, ecological, and economic. This exhibition, which is drawn from the Lowe’s permanent collection, illustrates the continuing creativity and inventiveness of African artists in the face of an increasingly complex world.

Face to Face

Expired: Face to Face

The Israël Museum
From Mar 11 2014 to Jan 17 2015

The Israel Museum will feature an exhibition titled Face to Face: The Oldest Masks in the World from March 11 through September 11, 2014. Curated by Dr. Debby Hershman, the show will be a first in many respects, as the 9000-year-old stone masks that are its subject— twelve of which are known—have never been brought together before, even on their home territory.

Buddha’s Word: The Life of Books in Tibet and Beyond

Expired: Buddha’s Word: The Life of Books in Tibet and Beyond

Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology of Cambridge
From Aug 28 2014 to Jan 17 2015

Buddha’s Word is the first museum exhibition of Tibetan material in Cambridge. It is also the first time in the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology’s history that its Buddhist collections will be showcased in an exhibition. Many of the artifacts, prints and manuscripts in the exhibition have never been on public display before. Exhibits include some of the oldest illuminated Buddhist manuscripts from the first decades of the eleventh century as well as specimens of skillfully illuminated wooden covers; a quartet of scroll paintings brought back from the infamous Young husband Expedition; and a gift from the 13th Dalai Lama. The exhibition charts some of the incredible journeys that the words of the Buddha have taken: crossing mountains and oceans and taking different material forms in different places. This is the story of the transformation of Buddha’s words, from palm leaf, to paper, to digital dharma.

Ni’n na L’nu - The Mi

Expired: Ni’n na L’nu - The Mi'Kmaq of Prince Edward Island

Le musée canadien de l'histoire
From Oct 10 2014 to Jan 18 2015

Prince Edward Island in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in Eastern Canada has been home to the Mi’kmaq culture for some 12,000 years. The community, whose environment has undergone many changes over the last centuries, still lives there and retains profound respect for its ancestors and their values. Ni’n na L’nu, Les Mi’kmaq de l’île-du-Prince-Edouard (Ni’n na L’nu, The Mi’kmaq of Prince Edward Island), on view until January 18, 2015, at the Musée Canadien de l’Histoire in Gatineau, Quebec, provides an opportunity to explore the history, spirituality, social structures, and material culture of an indigenous population that has remained viscerally attached to both its land and its traditions. Designed to resemble wigwams, the traditional circular Indian dwellings, the museum’s galleries teem with artifacts, video presentations, interactive objects, and audio tracks that provide a total immersion in the Mi’kmaq universe.

That most curious World Museum

Expired: That most curious World Museum

From Oct 19 2014 to Jan 18 2015

Rather than being cause for frustration, the extended closure of Tervuren’s Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale (MRAC) for renovation has motivated its staff to find new ways of exposing its various collections to the public. One of the most recent of these is a fascinating show at the Musée des Arts Contemporains in Hornu, Belgium, titled Ce Tant Curieux Musée du Monde (That Most Curious World Museum), which is a fascinating reflection on the nature and importance of the MRAC’s encyclopedic collections. Curator Laurent Busine has put together a group of varied African artifacts from the old museum (small drums, receptacles, masks, etc.) along with related European objects (plaster molds of Africans’ faces) and natural history specimens such as insects, giant termite mounds, and elephant hides. This exotic combination is displayed alongside twentieth-century photographs, some anonymous and others by Dutch artist Rineke Dijkstra.

African and Oceanic Art Auction on January 24

Expired: African and Oceanic Art Auction on January 24

Jan 24 2015

On January 24, Native auction house will hold a sale of African, Oceanic, and Arctic art from various European collections, including that of Madame Andrée- Laure Seret, which has never been shown before. Madame Seret, who was a Sablon antiques dealer, acquired most of these objects from her friend, artist Willy Mestach, in the 1960s and 1970s. Many of the objects in the collection reveal the influence that African art had on Western artists. Among these, a Sakassou region Baule statuette, two kifwebe masks that Mestach was especially fond of, and an abstract Lega figure will be among the highlights of the sale.


Expired: Eclectism

From Jan 22 2015 to Jan 25 2015

Eclectism... will by the watchword of Martin Doustar's first exhibition at BRUNEAF. On the occasion of the Winter edition 2015, Martin Doustar will be showing a broad selection of sculptures, ornaments, and photography from Africa, Oceania, Indonesia and the Americas, including Pre-Columbian artefacts. A significant part of the show will be dedicated to the South Seas, with a focus on the art of the Solomon Islands, echoing the current exhibition L’ éclat des ombres at the Quai Branly Museum. An interactive catalog will be available on request.

Winter BRUNEAF 5

Expired: Winter BRUNEAF 5

From Jan 22 2015 to Jan 25 2015

Once again this winter, the cold won’t keep the tribal art enthusiasts down. From January 22–25, 2015, the winter BRUNEAF will enliven the Sablon neighborhood with an array of artworks—primarily African but Oceanic as well—offered for sale by both local and foreign dealers.

Histoire des acquisitions des collections africaines du musée du quai Branly

Expired: Histoire des acquisitions des collections africaines du musée du quai Branly

Jan 25 2015

On January 25th at 4pm at BRAFA, Hélène Joubert, Head curator Responsible for the African Heritage Collections of the Musée du quai Branly will present a talk about the history of the acquisitions of the African collections of the Quai Branly Museum. A catalogue of works from the African collections of the Musée du quai Branly accompanies this talk that will retrace the history of acquisitions in France from 1878, when the Ethnographic Museum opened in the Trocadéro, to the present day.