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Missionary collections

Expired: Missionary collections

Musée des arts d'Afrique et d'Asie
From May 05 2018 to Oct 31 2018

The regrettable closing of the Musée Africain de Lyon at least has allowed the collection of the Société des Missions Africaines to travel a bit. Some of the works from this collection are being displayed at the Musée des Arts d’Afrique et d’Asie de Vichy until October 31, 2018. The question of how they got to France is the subject being addressed. The Catholic missionaries sent to Africa were the first European collectors, owners, and caretakers of African art. They were witnesses to a unique period in history and they would greatly influence Western perceptions of the objects and artifacts from the continent. The exhibition seeks to reverse the stereotypes that still haunt these artworks today by giving them their rightful voices and places. It focuses on so-called fetishes, the cult objects used in traditional religious rites that Europeans perceived as superstition and sorcery. The failure of these very different cultures to understand one another became a driving force behind major cultural shocks and resulted in the large-scale and sometimes forced collection of African art objects. However, the fact that they were removed from their societies of origin was the guarantee that those objects would be preserved. Such are the contradictions that those who are interested in African art must face and deal with today.

Sale : Pierre Bergé – D’une demeure l’autre @ Sotheby

Expired: Sale : Pierre Bergé – D’une demeure l’autre @ Sotheby's Paris

From Sep 10 2018 to Oct 31 2018

A few days after the sale of the Pryce Collection, the arts of Africa, Oceania, and North America will once again be featured at Sotheby’s on October 29, 30, and 31. These will be the dates of the Pierre Bergé—D’une demeure l’autre sale. Likely to be one of the most important events of the season in the art world, this sale for the benefit of the Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint-Laurent and the Fondation Jardin Majorelle will consist of more than 800 lots from this eminent businessman and art connoisseur’s four residences in France and Morocco. About fifty masks will be part of this incredible offering, including three particularly important ones: a Lega ivory mask from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Yaure and Baule examples, both from Côte d’Ivoire. A special preview of the highlights will be presented at Sotheby's Paris from September 10-15.

Tuareg, Nomad Tales

Expired: Tuareg, Nomad Tales

Musée des Confluences
From Oct 17 2017 to Nov 04 2018

Perceived by their Western colonizers as everything from noble and chivalrous to bloodthirsty and savage, the image of the Tuareg that was built up during colonial times remains firmly rooted in many minds. In "Touaregs, récits nomades", the Musée des Confluences challenges these stereotypes and reveals the Tuareg in all of their complexity and dynamism. The first part focuses on the watercolors of Paul-Elie Dubois, as well as on archival documents and popular items. It then moves on to the remarkable collection of jewelry and amulets donated by the Masnat Association in 2015. These create an immersive experience in the Tuareg aesthetic universe, which is characterized by restraint, equilibrium, a distinctive geometry, and a unique use of color. Excerpts from poems accompany the presentation. Finally, the exhibition examines how the Tuareg are changing their traditional codes while at the same time reaffirming their identity. Like the jewelry they adapt to Western uses, they are reappropriating an idealized Western image to diffuse their culture, to make their demands known, and to enter into a new form of resistance.

Easter Island exhibits in South France

Expired: Easter Island exhibits in South France

Musée Fenaille
From Jun 30 2018 to Nov 04 2018

Easter Island will be very present in the Occitanie region of France this year, with no less than three thematic exhibitions divided between the Muséum of Toulouse, Musée Champollion in Figeac and Musée Fenaille in Rodez. Easter Island, a small piece of emerged land that has been fascinating both scientists and passionate amateurs for decades, reveals herself slowly. The tripartite exhibit reviews the last discoveries and the questions still left unsolved, trying to separate myth from reality. At the Musée Champollion, “The Talking Wood” presents the scientific updates in the process of deciphering the glyphs on the “rongorongo” tablets. In Toulouse; the exhibit showcases the mysteries of this Rapa Nui population: Where did they come from? How did they end up there? How does the current local population of the Island live? These are just a few of the questions this exhibition tries to answer. Last but not least, the Musée Fenaille focus’ on the iconic sculptures and iconography of the Island, from the monumental stone figures to the wooden statues called Tangata, it offers a rather exhaustive presentation of the theme by gathering unique art pieces from public institutions and private collections. The exhibitions will take place from June 30th to November 4th of 2018 (and prolonged until 30th of June 2019 for the Muséum of Toulouse).

Didier Claes enters the AKAA show in Paris

Expired: Didier Claes enters the AKAA show in Paris

From Nov 09 2018 to Nov 11 2018

Didier Claes, for his first participation in the fair of contemporary art and design dedicated to Africa AKAA, will present the work of the contemporary South African artist Kendell Geers with the exhibition "AniMystikAKtivist". This exhibition is above all a meeting between two worlds, where the past of the African tradition comes to mix with the contemporary scenography. For his second collaboration with the famous Belgium art dealer, Kendell Geers goes beyond the aesthetic and ethical question. With a touch of dark humor, the artist uses his personal experience as a white African and questions the various Afro-European traditions among which animism, alchemy, mysticism, rituals and socio-political activism. A politically engaged work that proposes a dialogue between cultures and peoples. A show to discover as soon as possible at the Carreau du Temple in Paris.

The Collection Liliane et Michel Durand-Dessert on sale

Expired: The Collection Liliane et Michel Durand-Dessert on sale

From Nov 12 2018 to Nov 14 2018

On November 14th, De Baecque et Associés will disperse the Liliane and Michel Durand-Dessert Collection. The sale could not better bear his name : "The art of time". The beauty of most of the objects remain to the work of the sculptor and of the time. This collection was partially exhibited in Grenoble in 2004 and at the Monnaie de Paris in 2008. The lots will be exhibited at the Hotel Drouot from Monday 12 to Wednesday 14 November. For more details, do not hesitate to browse the online catalog : or to contact the sales expert Pierre Amrouche : + 33 (0) 6 81 89 77 68. The sale will be held in room 5 of the Hotel Drouot (Paris) on November 14 at 2pm.

The Caput Collection on Sale

Expired: The Caput Collection on Sale

Nov 15 2018

Afi cionados of African, Oceanic, and Indonesian art will be familiar with the name Patrick Caput. He is an art expert with a keen eye and a reputation for independence who has collaborated with a number of major auction houses. At the same time, he has been an avid collector with a thirst for new objects. He discusses this side of himself in the introduction to Arts d’Afrique. Portrait d’une collection (5 Continents Editions, 2016), a book that pays homage to his taste and sensitivity, honed by the discerning and considered acquisitions he and his wife, Béatrice, have made over the years. Their tireless search for beauty was always accompanied by a quest for meaning. For the Caputs, the true appreciation of a work had to come by way of an intimate understanding of its many dimensions, both of form and use. The importance of the Caputs’ engagement with their collection explains the excitement with which auctioneers Binoche et Giquello have announced the sale of the couple’s entire collection of miniatures, which will be held on November 15, 2018. Statuettes, ornaments, and utilitarian objects, forty works in all, most of which fit into the palm of a hand, will represent some of the finest arts of Africa, Oceania, and Indonesia. The masterful art of the Bembe people from the Democratic Republic of the Congo is represented by a small fi gure, formerly in the Max Pellequer Collection, the gentle forms of which contrast with the intensity of its expression. The sophistication of the art of the Marquesas Islands is powerfully displayed in a five-centimeter-tall ivi po’o toggle previously in the collections of Paul Rupalley, Charles Ratton, and Michel Leveau. The purity of line and the almost sculptural effect of the sacrificial materials that objects from Borneo often evince is clearly apparent in a small Dayak poison container that was formerly in the Marc Pinto Collection. A few larger works will also be featured in the “miniatures” sale. Among these will be one of four known scepters of its kind from the Tshokwe people of Angola and the only one in private hands.

Ancient Peruvian textiles at the Saint Louis Art Museum

Expired: Ancient Peruvian textiles at the Saint Louis Art Museum

From Jun 15 2018 to Nov 25 2018

Balance and Opposition in Ancient Peruvian Textiles presents works from the Saint Louis Art Museum’s impressive collection of Andean textiles that have never before been seen together as a group. This display of works from diverse cultures spanning more than 1,500 years demonstrates the array of pre-conquest traditions and innovations in textile technology. The majority of the textiles in the Saint Louis Art Museum collection were purchased in lots from dealers around the mid-twentieth century. Textiles on loan from the Museum of Art and Archaeology at the University of Missouri complement the collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum. These pieces include an Inka woman’s mantle and a Wari tie-dye textile fragment, both received as anomymous gifts, and a Recuay triple- weave band, a gift of Seth Merrin. The installation also includes a touch panel displaying fibers used by ancient and contemporary indigenous Peruvian weavers. Ultimately, Balance and Opposition in Ancient Peruvian Textiles provides a rare opportunity both to gain a greater understanding of the worldview of the vanished cultures of Peru and to see the remarkable textiles produced by these cultures that have found their way into the collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum.

Classic Contemporary Primitive in Milan

Expired: Classic Contemporary Primitive in Milan

From Nov 16 2018 to Nov 30 2018

Milan is already the world’s capital for fashion and design, and it is gradually becoming one of the major centers for the European art market. In keeping with this trend, two exhibitions of African art have recently contributed to giving the city a new cosmopolitan and multicultural dimension. Origins: Visions on African Art and Classic Contemporary Primitive are both major events in the Italian cultural landscape and focus on the antique art of the continent that is the peninsula’s southern neighbor, so distant in some regards and so close in others. Both exhibitions focus on meticulously chosen works from Gabon and Côte d’Ivoire. Origins, a presentation put together by avant-garde collectors Anna Demina and Leinuo Zhang, will be open to the public on November 16 and 17, 2018, and the catalog is produced by Dalton Somaré Gallery. The second exhibition will be open from November 15–30, 2018.

Spotlight on Shango at Galerie Flak

Expired: Spotlight on Shango at Galerie Flak

From Nov 08 2018 to Dec 01 2018

Paris—Galerie Flak is presenting an exhibition to the orisha Shango, one of the most important deities in the pantheon of the Yoruba of Nigeria and the Republic of Benin. Prominent among its offerings are oshe, which are dance wands adorned with the double axe of Shango that devotees carry during possessions. Danse avec Shango, dieu du tonnerre (Dance with Shango, God of Thunder) is on view until November 30, 2018. On November 8, the gallery held a book signing for the exhibition catalog with its authors Xavier Richer and Hélène Joubert, the latter curator of the African Patrimony at the Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac.