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Olivier Larroque presents "Microcosm" @ Parcours des mondes

Expired: Olivier Larroque presents "Microcosm" @ Parcours des mondes

From Sep 11 2018 to Sep 16 2018

The Galerie Olivier Larroque presents a hitherto unseen collection as a sort of ephemeral museum that encompasses the cultural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa. It is composed of some 100 carefully and patiently selected sculptures that together serve as an anthology of African art in its most refined and intimately expressive forms. Come to discover it at the 2, rue de l’Echaudé during Parcours des Mondes 2018.

Parcours des Mondes 2018

Expired: Parcours des Mondes 2018

From Sep 11 2018 to Sep 16 2018

For the seventeenth year, the autumn season announces the imminent event that all the major players in the tribal art market, whether dealers or collectors, impatiently await: the Parcours des Mondes. From September 11–16, 2018, the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood of Paris will become a hunting ground for the many visitors from all over the world who come to “do the galleries”— that is, to visit the finest international galleries with specialties in African, Oceanic, American Indian, and Asian art that will have gathered in the neighborhood to exhibit their top pieces. There will be sixty-four participants this year, including Galerie Kevorkian, specializing in archaeology and Islamic art, which is taking part in the event for the first time this year and will be showing at Galerie Meyer on Rue des Beaux Arts. While the Parcours des Mondes is synonymous with activity, it is equally as much, if not more so, about excellence and quality. These are values that the show’s management has diligently promoted and that participating galleries have honored with exhibitions and displays that are worthy of top museums. The seventeenth Parcours des Mondes will be no exception, and many thematic exhibitions have already been announced. It is impossible to list them all, but suffice to say that their subject matters, which are as varied as they are fascinating, will appeal to the most diverse sensibilities. Beyond that, you’ll just have to come see for yourself!

Pigalle 1930 – Revisiting a Mythical Exhibition

Expired: Pigalle 1930 – Revisiting a Mythical Exhibition

From Sep 11 2018 to Sep 16 2018

During the seventeenth Parcours des Mondes, Tribal Art magazine’s editors once again extend an invitation to you to come visit our annual show at the Espace Tribal, 22 rue Visconti. This year, the location will host an sensational exhibition curated by Charles Wesley-Hourdé and Nicolas Rolland titled "Pigalle 1930, retour sur une exposition mythique" (Pigalle 1930 – Revisiting a Mythical Exhibition). Both dealers and researchers with specialties in the arts of Africa and Oceania, the show’s two organizers are also the editors of the publication "Galerie Pigalle: Afrique – Océanie. Une exposition mythique". In the course of putting together this retrospective book, they were able to trace the histories of a significant number of the artworks that were displayed in this historic exhibition. Using this information, Hourdé and Rolland created this exhibition, which brings together some thirty objects that were part of the 1930 show and are now in private collections. These will be presented in conjunction with photographs and other documentation and will provide an opportunity to better understand the role and involvement of charismatic individuals like Charles Ratton, Tristan Tzara, Pablo Picasso, and André Derain in the organization of an exhibition that has become truly legendary today.

Serge Schoffel presents a black Uli

Expired: Serge Schoffel presents a black Uli

From Sep 11 2018 to Sep 16 2018

On the occasion of Parcours des Mondes, Serge Schoffel presents a black Uli. Exhibition : September 11th – 16th, 2018. Galerie Du Crous de Paris 11, rue des Beaux-Arts, 75006 Paris Realized by Tribal Art magazine and produced by Roar Atelier (Cerise Laby). Watch the video by browsing the following link :

The Indian Heritage Gallery presents: "Himalayan Masks"

Expired: The Indian Heritage Gallery presents: "Himalayan Masks"

From Sep 11 2018 to Sep 16 2018

A selection of Himalayan masks from the Indian Heritage collection will be presented at the Parcours des Mondes, along with a group of photographic prints by Sylvia Bataille that she took with a pinhole camera—a dark chamber that filters light slowly through a tiny aperture.

Out of the Box

Expired: Out of the Box

Weltmuseum Wien
From Apr 12 2018 to Sep 18 2018

Since its reopening, the Weltmuseum in Vienna has taken a modern and progressive approach with its exhibitions, placing it squarely within a contemporary trend that favors showing objects from different places and periods side by side. In an effort to integrate visitors into internal museum processes, to share experiences, and to involve their audiences in the observation and analysis of specifi c objects, museums have been turning increasingly toward new and refreshing ways of creating connections. Out of the Box, which will be on view through September 18, 2018, is a good example of this kind of show. More than just a group of objects, it strives to emphasize the connections between populations and their artifacts that share a common history of individual and unique migrations. Each of the many participants in this exhibition was invited to choose an object that echoes his or her heritage—or cultural baggage. The object thus becomes a player in a very real story that is not always unique to just one individual. It becomes the receptacle for a dialog, a path, a life, and for human emotions, and it serves as a reminder that a major purpose of a curator’s work must be to retrace the archaeological and ethnographic trajectory of an object. Is there a more effective way to draw a work of art directly into the heartof our lives?

Précolumbian Art Sale at Millon Auction House

Expired: Précolumbian Art Sale at Millon Auction House

From Sep 14 2018 to Sep 18 2018

On September 18, the Millon auction house will disperse 120 pre-Columbian art objects selected by the expert Serge Reynes. These objects come from three remarkable private European collections. Monsieur L, an antique dealer from Nice has acquired museum-quality works, notably from the former Frédéric-André Engel collection. As anthropologist, he has dedicated his life to pre-Columbian civilizations and has collected objects housed today in museums of archeology in Peru or at the Musée de l'Homme. Also available are pieces collected in the 1970s by a Belgian amateur. From Peru to Mexico, through Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Colombia, each of these works bears witness to the incredible wealth of Mesoamerican cultures, covering three millennia of history and creation. The highlights will be exhibited at the Hotel Drouot from 14 to 18 September.

Pierre Loos

Expired: Pierre Loos' Collection on sale

From Sep 17 2018 to Sep 18 2018

Art from the personal collection of well-known Brussels dealer Pierre Loos will be offered by Piasa auctioneers in three sales on September 17 and 18, 2018. The size and variety of the collection make the multiple sessions a necessity. Traditional art enthusiasts will be primarily interested in the first of these, which will be composed of more than 400 lots of mainly African artworks and jewelry, as well as a number of pieces from India and the Middle East. The sale on the following day will include a group of photographs by Casimir Zagourski, the Polish photographer who settled in the Belgian Congo in 1924. The final sale will be held toward the end that day and will feature some fifty fine canvases, representative precursors of African contemporary art created by Congolese artists between 1926 and 1950. Loos developed a particular fondness for this genre and was among the first to collect it.

Tribal Art & Antiquities Auction @ Woolley & Wallis

Expired: Tribal Art & Antiquities Auction @ Woolley & Wallis

Sep 19 2018

On September 19, the Auction house Wolley & Wallis located in the South of UK will be offering the Ian West North American collection, built over a lifetime and including feather headdresses, vests, belts, moccasins, tobacco pouches and much more. A rare New Ireland kulap figure, carved from chalk and with pigment decoration will be included along with a small group of Papua New Guinea gope boards, one with Webster/Pitt Rivers provenance. A wide variety of antiquities will exhibit provenanced Egyptian, Greek and Roman pieces; mummy masks, limestone and marble relief fragments, amphora, cosmetic vessels and cylinder seals. Auction will start at 10 am.

A variety of portraits

Expired: A variety of portraits

Pitt Rivers Museum
From May 28 2018 to Sep 23 2018

A show devoted to the history of Oceania can be seen at the Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford until September 23. Titled “A Variety of Portraits of Persons”: From the Official Account of Cook’s Second Voyage to the Pacific (1772–1775), the exhibition focuses on the drawings of William Hodges (1744–1797), the landscape artist appointed by the British Crown to accompany Captain Cook on his voyages. During these expeditions he produced many charcoal sketches and watercolors of the indigenous peoples he encountered, intended to be used as visual components of the written voyage accounts. The result is a collection of sometimes touching, sometimes naïve, and sometimes disconcerting portraits that blend historical reality and fantasy in subtle and often surprising ways. The show marks the 250th anniversary of Cook’s first voyage.