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New Caledonian Trajectories

Expired: New Caledonian Trajectories

From Nov 01 2017 to Sep 16 2018

The Musée Anne-de-Beaujeu is presenting some 100 objects selected from its non-European art collection. Including artworks never before exhibited, as well as others borrowed from prestigious institutions such as the Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac and the Musée des Confluences, "Trajectoires Kanak. Histoires de voyages en Nouvelle-Calédonie" (Kanak Trajectories: Histories of Voyages in New Caledonia) explores three events in New Caledonian history. The first is the story of French colonist Léon Moncelon, who moved to New Caledonia with his family in 1873. This is followed by that of Pierre Poyti, a mixed-blood New Caledonian, who was raised in France, and, finally, by that of the New Caledonian chief Poindi-Patchili, who resisted European settlement of his territory. A group of thirty-six New Caledonian weapons, including paddles, clubs, spear throwers, and clubs that Moncelon collected and gave to the museum is presented along with artifacts associated with Poindi-Patchili. These objects lend insight into the figures on the New Caledonian scene in the late nineteenth century—the autochthonous people, the colonials, the missionaries, and the scientists. The exhibition also sheds light on the expeditions into the region and describes the environment, ritual universe, and ornaments of the New Caledonian people. More info on:

Espace Tribal - Conferences

Expired: Espace Tribal - Conferences

From Jun 11 2018 to Sep 16 2018

During the seventeenth Parcours des Mondes, Tribal Art magazine’s editors once again extend an invitation to you to be part of the rich and varied cultural programming that they are putting together for the event. In addition to being an exhibition space, since 2015 Espace Tribal at 22 Rue Visconti has been a place for lectures, roundtable discussions, and debates. The first of this year’s events will take place on Tuesday, September 11, at 2:30 p.m. Adam Lindemann, the honorary president of Parcours des Mondes for 2018, will have an open discussion with longtime African and Oceanic art dealer Bernard de Grunne. A cornerstone of the multifaceted Espace Tribal is the morning discussion sessions called Café Tribal, which this year will center around the legendary 1930 exhibition at the Galerie Théâtre Pigalle. Yaëlle Biro, associate curator for African art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, will traces the genealogy of this event in a presentation titled “From the Théâtre Pigalle exhibition in 1930 to the Maison des Artistes in 1911” on Wednesday, September 12. On Thursday, honorary curator of the Menil Collection, Virginia-Lee Webb will talk about the African Negro Art exhibition that was held at New York’s MoMA in 1935, in a conference called "Paris-New York: The Influence of African Art at Galerie Pigalle". Lastly, on Friday, Aurélien Gaborit, curator of the African collection at the Musée du Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac, will examine the inclusion of a Madagascan object in the 1930 Pigalle show and will also discuss the history of Madagascan art in French collections, which is the subject of Madagascar, l’art de la Grande Île (Madagascar, Art of the Great Red Island), the next major exhibition at the museum. On Wednesday and Thursday, presentations about new books, will be made by their authors and editors. The week of programming will conclude on Friday, September 14, with a colloquium devoted to the future of the traditional arts of Africa, Oceania, Asia, and the Americas. A number of American and European participants will share their ideas and present interesting cultural collaboration initiatives from both sides of the Atlantic.

Biennale 2018 in Paris

Expired: Biennale 2018 in Paris

From Sep 08 2018 to Sep 16 2018

La Biennale, the must-attend event that marks the opening of Paris cultural season, marks its thirtieth anniversary this year and will be held once again in the sumptuous Grand Palais. Open from September 8–16, 2018, it is one of the world’s great art and antique fairs. Non-European arts will be represented by Galerie Meyer, which will show fi ne works from Oceania and the Arctic, and by Galerie Dodier, which will be participating in the fair for the fi rst time. The latter will present an exhibition titled Kermadec et l’art primitif (Kermadec and Primitive Art) that is certain to make its arrival on the scene notable. Eugène de Kermadec (1899–1976) was a great devotee of non-European art, as demonstrated by his inclusion in the Musée de l’Homme’s 1967 exhibition Arts primitifs dans les ateliers d’artistes (Primitive Art in Artists’ Studios). The Dodier installation will juxtapose about ten of Kermadec’s oil paintings with some twenty major artworks from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas.

Hidden Siberia

Expired: Hidden Siberia

From Sep 10 2018 to Sep 16 2018

From September 10–16, 2018, Helsinki’s Tischenko Gallery will be exhibiting at 21 rue Génégaud in Paris with a show titled Seven Eyes: Hidden Siberia. This short-term show will center around seven large-format photographs by Finnish-Hungarian photographer Tekla Vály, a resident of Helsinki. In them, shamanic objects are presented as mysterious instruments with active forces. A selection of relevant antique objects from a private collection will echo the photos and complement the gallery’s offerings.

"Avant" Patrik Frohlich

Expired: "Avant" Patrik Frohlich's exhibition at Parcours des Mondes

From Sep 11 2018 to Sep 16 2018

During the 2018 edition of Parcours des mondes, the Galerie Patrik Fröhlich will present the thematic exhibition "Avant", which brings together a careful selection of African and Oceanic works of art. All these objects were published in early twentieth century's publications, exhibited at historic and seminal exhibitions or moreover coming from the collections of renowned collectors and dealers such as René Rasmussen, Andre Level or Walter Bondy. Patrik Fröhlich presents these works of art as from "before": before a time when external influences interrupted the underlying cultural customs of the pieces, before the avant-gardes of the twentieth century found their inspiration in the formal solutions and concealed poesy of these objects.

Bernard Dulon presents "Un masque Dan et plus" @ parcours des Mondes

Expired: Bernard Dulon presents "Un masque Dan et plus" @ parcours des Mondes

From Sep 11 2018 to Sep 16 2018

For the seventeenth edition of Parcours des Mondes, Bernard Dulon chose to devote in his gallery an exhibition to the masks of the Dan people. It brings together a remarkable selection of artworks, including the famous racing mask of the Rasmussen collection, kept in private collection since 1979. Considered as the culmination of the Dan aesthetic, this masterpiece executed in the nineteenth century, represents the embodiment of the beauty Dan. This so-called "black diamond" remains to this day a reference for this type of objects. On this occasion, the historian Bertrand Goy, member of the Africanist society, signs an aesthetic essay dedicated to this matter.

Galerie Alain Bovis shows @ Parcours des mondes

Expired: Galerie Alain Bovis shows @ Parcours des mondes

From Sep 11 2018 to Sep 16 2018

For the seventeenth edition of Parcours des mondes, Galerie Alain Bovis prepared a big event with two special exhibition: "Asian masks" and "Quintessence". The gallery will present classical Asian masks, including Japanese Okina and other Noh masks, Himalayan masks from Buddhist monasteries, and Chinese Nuo theater masks. Also, in parallel, the "Quintessence" show will gather artworks from all around the world, each and every one of those items being chosen for its particular concentrate of being "the essence of the essence", the essential heart of a culture and an aesthetic achievement and spirit deeply anchored in ritual tradition.

Laurent Dodier presents "Paroles tribales" @ Parcours des Mondes 2018

Expired: Laurent Dodier presents "Paroles tribales" @ Parcours des Mondes 2018

From Sep 11 2018 to Sep 16 2018

The Americas-Africa-Oceania cycle continues. Following its "Regards Premiers" show four years ago, Galerie Dodier, for this year's Parcours des mondes is focusing on “honor”. Paroles tribales takes viewers all around the world, to the Americas with a masterpiece of Pre-Columbian Virú art, to Oceania with a New Ireland lintel with remarkable provenance, and to Africa with a Gurunsi mask collected in situ by the Kamer/Tishman expedition.

Martin Doustar presents "Siberia and beyond" @ Parcours des Mondes

Expired: Martin Doustar presents "Siberia and beyond" @ Parcours des Mondes

From Sep 11 2018 to Sep 16 2018

The new exhibition of Martin Doustar's gallery offers an overview of the Russian Far East and is an opportunity to experience the indigenous peoples of Siberia and their ancestral shamanic traditions through a remarkable group of marine ivory sculptures from the coastal regions of the Bering Sea and bronze objects from Western Siberia. A show to discover during the next Parcours des mondes edition, in Paris in September, where the gallery will exhibit at 4, rue des Beaux-Arts.

Objets Médecine. Objets Rituels.

Expired: Objets Médecine. Objets Rituels.

From Sep 11 2018 to Sep 16 2018

In 2008, Galerie Lecomte held an exhibition on the theme of art, magic, and medicine. The theme proved to be particularly complex and interesting by virtue of its diversity. For this year's Parcours des Mondes, the gallery is presenting a thematic exhibition titled Objets Médecine. Objets Rituals that brings together a group of artworks drawn from a single collection. Paintings by Akpéhou Djonda will also be presented for the benefit of an educational association in Togo.