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Island Africa in Ramatuelle

Expired: Island Africa in Ramatuelle

From Jul 01 2018 to Aug 31 2018

Once again this summer, this charming village on the St. Tropez peninsula will be home to an exhibition organized by the Galerie Afrique. From June 1 until August 31, 2018, aficionados who have set sail for Provence to enjoy a relaxing and sunny holiday will also have the opportunity to explore the artistic traditions of the peoples of several African islands, such as the Bissago Islands, a group of islets dotting the Niger River Delta, and the majestic “Red Island,” as Madagascar is sometimes called.

AfricaMuseum at Egmont Palace

Expired: AfricaMuseum at Egmont Palace

From Jul 21 2018 to Aug 31 2018

Before the reopening of the Royal Museum of Central Africa (now called AfricaMuseum) on December 8, the museum is organising a last exhibition "out of it's walls" at the Egmont Palace in Brussels. The exhibition: "AfricaMuseum @ Egmont Palace" will bring together objects from the museum's collection in dialogue with contemporary art. Among the artists represented will be Sammy Baloji, Chéri Chérin, Iviart Izamba Zi Kianda, Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga, Pauline M'barek, Aimé Mpane, Voania Muba, Aimé Ntakiyica, Chéri Samba, Sarah Vanagt and Maarten Vanden Eynde. This exhibition presented in the a temple of diplomacy - "The Palace of Egmont" - is an opportunity to give an overview of the new approach of the museum and to open a dialogue. More details are available on the following website:

"Indians" in Prague

Expired: "Indians" in Prague

From Dec 08 2017 to Sep 01 2018

The Náprstek Museum in Prague is holding an exhibition devoted to the indigenous peoples of the Americas. "Indians" brings together objects collected by Czech explorers and researchers, supported by large-scale photographs and audio and video clips. The show’s first section acquaints visitors with North America through displays focusing on the buffalo hunt of the Great Plains, the geometric pottery designs and the secret ceremonies of the Pueblos, Navajo jewelry, and the hunter-gatherer culture of the Iroquois. Also included here are Inuit objects, including their signature kayaks, igloos, and hooded parkas. The show’s second part is devoted to the past and present cultures of South America. It examines the road to El Dorado, the mythical land imagined by the European conquistadors, and the very real discoveries of archaeological sites in the Andes and at Lake Guatavita. Included is a recreation of the coronation of a new leader. Indians expounds upon the history, lives, and spiritual practices of the native peoples of two American continents. More info on:

Collection Notes

Expired: Collection Notes

Musée des Confluences
From May 16 2017 to Sep 02 2018

In this exhibition, the Musée des Confluences in Lyon is offering a fresh look at its anthropological and natural history collections. This is a rare opportunity to travel through time to see how those collections were formed and how they have contributed to scientific research. The exhibition opens with the eighteenth century, a time when, within the contexts of exploration and colonization, objects from around the world developed scientific relevance. Explorers of all kinds collected innumerable objects from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. Masks, items of clothing, weapons, utilitarian objects, and items intended for ritual use began to be used to document hitherto unknown lands. Private collectors and dealers in antiques and natural history specimens became important sources and donors for the museum. Ultimately, the intent of the exhibition is to explore what the museum holdings are today and what the patrimony of the future will be.

World on the Horizon

Expired: World on the Horizon

National Museum of African Art
From May 09 2018 to Sep 03 2018

Located at the crossroads of Africa and the Indian Ocean, the Swahili coast has been a vibrant arena of global cultural convergence for more than a millennium. Peoples from the Arabian Peninsula, Asia, Africa, and Europe have long journeyed across the Indian Ocean in many directions, and on the coast of East Africa this confl uence of peoples gave rise to many diverse communities that are often called “Swahili,” after the Arabic word meaning “edge” or “coast.” Swahili coast artworks have been shaped by these complex migrations, the formation of new empires, and the making and unmaking of communities and social identities. World on the Horizon: Swahili Arts Across the Indian Ocean, an exhibition developed by the Krannert Museum of Art and now at the National Museum of African Art, explores Swahili arts as objects of mobility, outcomes of encounter, and as products of trade and imperialism. Works from different regions and time periods come together in this exhibition to reveal the movement of artistic forms, motifs, and preferences and to reflect the changing meanings they may carry during the course of their life histories. World on the Horizon can be seen at the Smithsonian until September 3, 2018, after which it will be at the Fowler Museum at UCLA.

Tribal Art London Show 2018

Expired: Tribal Art London Show 2018

From Sep 05 2018 to Sep 08 2018

Now in its eleventh year, Tribal Art London, the first tribal art fair of the season, will be held this year from September 5–8, 2018. This show is the only one of its kind in England, and as such is especially popular with British collectors of non-European art, but it is also attracting increasing international interest as collectors in search of fresh material and bargains are willing to travel to visit its approximately twenty dealers. Amsterdam’s Galerie Lemaire will participate again this year, and so will two new dealers: Clive Rogers of London and Sisi Tatu of Belgium. This year’s fair will put special emphasis on two areas: the arts of Oceania, echoing the commemorations of the 250th anniversary of the Cook voyages that will be happening in United Kingdom, and African ceremonial objects, a nod to the publication of African Twilight, the new book by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher whose photographic work is familiar to most African art enthusiasts.

Ritual Figures in Congo

Expired: Ritual Figures in Congo

Three Gorges Museum
From Jun 08 2018 to Sep 09 2018

African art is set to conquer China, and Congolese ritual art leads the charge. The Ritual Figures in Congo exhibition, which has already been produced as a catalog, will be shown for the fi rst time at the Three Gorges Museum from June 8 until September 9, 2018. This is just the fi rst stop of a tour that will take it to the Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan, the Guilin Museum in Guangxi Province, the Guangzhou Museum in Canton, and fi nally the Tsinghua University Museum in Beijing. This will be the first exhibition in China devoted entirely to the ritual statuary of the Congo, and it will feature nearly 120 wooden sculptures, some well known and others not, dating from between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries.

Book launch: Thomas Murray presents "Textiles of Japan"

Expired: Book launch: Thomas Murray presents "Textiles of Japan"

Sep 13 2018

On the occasion of the next edition of Parcours des Mondes, Thomas Murray will present his new publication Textiles of Japan at a lecture organised at the Espace Tribal. This new book is gathering a unique and rare collection of costumes and textiles from Japan, including importants Ainu robes and rare bingata royal kimonos from Okinawa. A book signing will take place on September 13th at 4 PM.

Adolphe Stoclet Auction @ Christie

Expired: Adolphe Stoclet Auction @ Christie's

From Sep 12 2018 to Sep 14 2018

After particularly hectic spring and summer seasons that included three sales and many world records, Christie’s department of African and Oceanic art is maintaining the pace as it prepares its fall sale. While not many details about its contents are available as we go to press, the sale will be held on October 30, 2018, and will include two sessions, each with its own extensively documented catalog. The first of these will feature objects from the prestigious collection of Belgian banker and art aficionado Adolphe Stoclet (1871–1949) and will include twenty-eight sculptures from the Congo that remained in his family by descent. Two of these objects were included in the famous Kongo-Kunst exhibition in Antwerp in 1937, but the other twenty-six have never been publicly shown before. A beautiful Luba-Shankadi stool, an impressive Songye kifwebe mask, and a superb zoomorphic Yaka headrest will undoubtedly be among the objects that will attract the most interest. The Stoclet pieces will be followed by a various-owner sale, which will include African, Oceanic, and Pre-Columbian artworks in approximately equal proportions, most from well-known private collections. It will include a range of material that will appeal both to inveterate collectors and to neophytes. Christie’s will hold a special preview of highlights from these sales in their Paris headquarters from September 12 through 14 during Parcours des Mondes.

Throckmorton Gallery presents "Tierra"

Expired: Throckmorton Gallery presents "Tierra"

From Jun 28 2018 to Sep 15 2018

Throckmorton Fine Art is currently showing T I E R R A . . . A Latin American Landscape. It features forty-two photographs dating from 1850 to the year 2000 that explore the landscape of Latin America and particularly the architectural remains of the region’s Pre-Columbian civilizations. The photographs capture specific places at a moment of time, but they also are evocative of the passing of time, and, so, of the unfolding of Latin America’s history. Among the photographers whose work is included in the exhibit are early pioneers Teobert Maler, Désiré Charnay, A. P. Maudslay, Abel Briquet, and C. B. Waite. There are also works shown by noted twentieth-century photographers: Hugo Brehme, Edward Weston, Tina Modotti, Laura Gilpin, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Mario Algaze, and Marilyn Bridges.