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Summer Preview by Jacques Germain

Expired: Summer Preview by Jacques Germain

From Jun 23 2018 to Jul 28 2018

Jacques Germain will provide a preview of the material he will be offering at the 2018 Parcours des Mondes in Paris during a summer exhibition at his space in Montreal. On view from June 23 until July 28, it will feature classic African artworks that evoke the taste that was prevalent in Paris in the 1920s when the sensibilities for non-Western art were developing among the masters of the European avant-garde. This celebration of the first Golden Age of tribal art in Europe was conceived of by Germain to coincide with the presentation of the Picasso et les arts premiers (Picasso and Tribal Art) exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.


Expired: Interwoven

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art
From Apr 14 2018 to Aug 05 2018

A stunning collection of 147 Native American baskets, cradles, and bags was recently donated to the Eiteljorg Museum by Joan and Mel Perelman. A selection of this collection is featured in a current exhibition showcasing the works of some of the most admired Native American basketry artists. This invaluable collection originates from Native communities throughout North America with a focus on the Southwest and Far West regions. Varying in size, material, and design, these intricate baskets are symbolic of the resiliency of Native peoples, especially women, who created them and continue to pass down knowledge to new generations in order to continue this important cultural art form. Interwoven: Native American Basketry from the Mel and Joan Perelman Collection will be on view until August 5, 2018.

Modernity and Primitivism

Expired: Modernity and Primitivism

From Jul 19 2018 to Aug 10 2018

Visiting Monaco this Summer? This is an opportunity to visit the gallery De Jonckeere which together with Lucas Ratton present an original exhibition in which modern paintings and african art are exposed side by side. From July 19 to August 10 you will be able to question and admire the aesthetic correspondances common to modern and ancient african art. For example, a Keaka statuette from Nigeria is exhibited next to a Dubuffet's “Texturology”, a nod to the decisive encounter of Lucas Ratton's grand-uncle Charles Ratton with the painter and his primordial role in the definition of art brut. Opening on 19 July at 18h.

The Power of Gold

Expired: The Power of Gold

Dallas Museum of Art
From Apr 15 2018 to Aug 12 2018

"The Power of Gold: Asante Royal Regalia from Ghana" offers a dazzling vision of more than 200 gleaming gold items of regalia, colorful and intricately woven silk kente cloth, ceremonial furniture, state swords, linguist staffs, and other significant objects related to Asante royals from the nineteenth through the twenty-first centuries. Founded around 1700 with wealth derived from the gold trade with North Africa and Europe, the Asante Kingdom was a powerful polity in West Africa. Together these explore the unique role and impact of gold on the development of Asante society, economy, and arts. Curated by Roslyn A. Walker, the DMA’s senior curator of the arts of Africa, the Americas, and the Pacific, "The Power of Gold" is inspired by works in the DMA’s collection and will feature objects from private and public collections.

The annual Objects of Art Santa Fe show

Expired: The annual Objects of Art Santa Fe show

From Aug 09 2018 to Aug 12 2018

The annual Objects of Art Santa Fe show will be held at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe August 9–12, 2018. This is a global melding of a stimulating variety of historic materials and fi ne art including ethnographic material, modernist furniture, contemporary art, and fashion. The unique mixture is intended to appeal to the sensibilities of modern-day collectors who are not afraid to mix the old and the new. It also features a special exhibition of George and Mira Nakashima furniture featuring more than twenty examples drawn from gallery and private collections, including the collection of Mira Nakashima, who is curating the exhibition.

Whitehawk Antique Indian & Ethnographic Art Show

Expired: Whitehawk Antique Indian & Ethnographic Art Show

From Aug 10 2018 to Aug 13 2018

This summer in Santa Fe marks a milestone as the Whitehawk Antique Indian & Ethnographic Art Show celebrates its fortieth year. More than ninety dealers will come together at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center to offer a fascinating array of artworks, artifacts, and ephemera from Native American cultures, the Spanish Colonial world, and traditional peoples from around the world ranging from Indonesia to Africa and the Pre-Columbian Americas. The show opens with a special reception on the evening of August 10, 2018, and it continues with regular hours August 11–13.

The 5th annual Antique American Indian Art Show

Expired: The 5th annual Antique American Indian Art Show

From Aug 15 2018 to Aug 17 2018

Following the annual Objects of Arts Show, will be held the fifth annual Antique American Indian Art Show Santa Fe, which will be held August 15–17, 2018, also at El Museo, with an opening party on the evening of August 14. It will bring together more than sixty-fi ve experts in American Indian art exhibiting thousands of select historic art objects—from textiles and pottery to jewelry, basketry, beadwork, woodcarving, and more—from indigenous cultures throughout the United States and Canada. Admission to the show includes a special viewing of Germantown Weaving: First Modern Art—1870–1900, a remarkable group of Navajo Germantown weavings fi rst shown at the LA Art Show in 2017.

Flows of Form - Forms of Flow

Expired: Flows of Form - Forms of Flow

Museum fur Völkerkunde
From Apr 06 2018 to Aug 19 2018

How can we shape a shared future for design while taking the past into account? This is the question that Kossi Aguessy asks and that serves as the basis for the Museum für Völkerkunde’s current exhibition, on view through August 19. While the models used in pop culture to invent the future are invariably Eurocentric, Aguessy wonders if non-Western arts might, using their own cultural heritage and aesthetics as a starting point, revolutionize the question of design that is so central today, especially amid increasing awareness that design draws upon everything that constitutes our environment. The exhibition elucidates the history of this context by considering its constituents from a fresh and hitherto unexplored perspective, notably in the fi rst section of the show that juxtaposes early twentieth-century African objects with European design pieces. Flow of Forms goes beyond objects to investigate and reflect on the impact that a new history can have on social for political change in communities, especially those of rural Africa.

First Americans

Expired: First Americans

Bowers Museum
From Apr 07 2018 to Aug 19 2018

After a long journey during which it was seen in venues around the world—from Bogotá to several venues in China—the Bowers Museum’s special exhibition featuring selections from its Native American collection will finally be on view in its own facility from April 7 until August 19, 2018. "First Americans: Tribal Art from North America" includes artwork representative of native peoples from the Arctic North, the Northwest Coast, California, the Southwest, and the Great Plains. Highlights include what may be the earliest example of a transitional Navajo First Phase chief‘s blanket, a particularly early and fine Hopi katsina doll, a rare Seri feathered kilt from Baja California, a Lakota eagle feather headdress, and a Tlingit oystercatcher rattle.

Coiling Culture: Basketry Art of Native North America

Expired: Coiling Culture: Basketry Art of Native North America

Michael C. Carlos Museum of Emory University
From Sep 10 2016 to Aug 26 2018

Baskets were one of the first art forms in the Americas, with basket fragments found in California and the Southwest dating to 9,400 years ago. Over the millennia, native North Americans developed elaborate techniques and intricate designs worked in local materials, from sweetgrass in Florida to black ash in the Northeast and deer grass in California, among many others. These materials were sacred to their makers and those who used these special containers. So too was the way each was made with coiling, especially poignant, symbolizing for many groups the path of human emergence from inside earth and the movement of the spirits between realms. This display in the Art of the Americas' galleries explores the intersection between material, making, and meaning in the fragile basketry art of the Southeast to the Southwest and up into the Arctic.