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Durand-Dessert at Christie

Expired: Durand-Dessert at Christie's

From Jun 22 2018 to Jun 27 2018

On June 27, 2018, Christie’s will offer one of the most singular collections of African art in the world—that of Michel and Liliane Durand-Dessert. The collection is well known to aficionados, having been presented publicly in 2004 at the L’art au futur antérieur exhibition at the Musée de Grenoble, and then again at the Monnaie de Paris in a show titled Fragments du vivant—Sculptures Africains dans la collection Durand-Dessert (Fragments of the Living—African Sculptures from the Durand- Dessert Collection) in conjunction with the 2008 Parcours des Mondes. The Christie’s sale will feature 105 lots, many masterpieces among them, and is expected to bring in between seven and eleven million euros. Prominent among these is a famous Nigerian Mbembe figure, the eroded surface of which attests to its great age and its prolonged exposure to the elements. The renowned “buste de la prêtresse” from the Fon of Benin, which was discovered in Abomey in 1928 and subsequently owned by Louis Carré, is another major highlight, as is a Bassa sculpture from Liberia, unique in its genre and illustrated in the 1988 book L’art Africain.

The People of the Valley

Expired: The People of the Valley

Musée de l'Homme
From Jan 18 2018 to Jul 02 2018

The Musée de l’Homme is highlighting the Palawan people through the photographs of Pierre de Vallombreuse. Secluded in a valley on the eponymously named island in the Southwest Philippines, the Palawan, a small community of cultivators and hunter-gatherers, was once extremely isolated. In the 1990s, however, a road built along the coast led to an influx of immigrants from the rest of the Philippine archipelago that radically altered their environment and their lifestyle. Today the Palawan face another challenge: the interests of large industrial companies. In "Le peuple de la vallée" (The People of the Valley), de Vallombreuse, who spent more than three and a half years living among the Palawan, presents intimate portraits of these people and their close relationship with their majestic natural environment.

Masterpiece Londres

Expired: Masterpiece Londres

From Jun 28 2018 to Jul 04 2018

Subtitled “The Unmissable Art Fair,” Masterpiece London will be held June 28–July 4, 2018, at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, providing visitors the opportunity to view and buy the finest works of art, design, furniture, and jewelry ranging from antiquity to the present day. The fair offers an unparalleled opportunity for new and established collectors to discover exceptional works for sale across a range of price points from 160 international exhibitors and across every major market discipline. Among the exhibitors : Patrick & Ondine Mestdagh of Brussels will bring a collection of fine antique weapons, jewelry, and ethnographic objects, each selected with a unrelentingly refined eye to aesthetics; Finch & Co. of London will exhibit an eclectic wunderkammer of artworks and artifacts that will include ethnographica, antiquities, natural history specimens, and curiosities and Yann Ferrandin from Paris whi is exhibiting for the first time.

Pierre Dartevelle: 50 Years

Expired: Pierre Dartevelle: 50 Years

From May 24 2018 to Jul 06 2018

An exhibition at Lempertz showcases for the first time the exceptional collection of inveterate dealer Pierre Dartevelle. He spent a great deal of time in Central Africa beginning in the middle of the 1960s and was, among other things, the discoverer of Hemba statuary. The approximately 100 objects shown span areas of the Congo such as Shaba, Kasaï, and the Lower Congo. Material from the latter is among the strongest suits of his collection. Songye figures; Lega masks; Lower Congo fetishes; wood, bronze, and ivory objects; and spectacular effigies all give us insight into the mind of a man with a consuming passion for the traditional arts of Africa. Laurent Jacob, who was also co-curator for the exhibition on Edmond Dartevelle (Pierre’s father) at the Musée Président Jacques Chirac in 2010, is responsible for putting together this show. He is assisted here by Tim Teuten of Lempertz auction house, where the show is being presented, who adds his expertise to the subject.

Polynesian Enclaves at Voyageurs & Curieux Galerie

Expired: Polynesian Enclaves at Voyageurs & Curieux Galerie

From Jun 01 2018 to Jul 07 2018

Jean-Edouard Carlier’s Voyageurs et Curieux gallery is sure to garner attention when it opens its upcoming Les Enclaves Polynésiennes (Polynesian Enclaves) exhibition, which will be on view from June 1 until July 7, 2018. The event will explore the marginal and unclassifiable culture that exists on only a few tiny islands in Melanesia and Micronesia. These were settled during migrations that moved in the opposite direction of the more populous paths generally followed as humanity spread through the South Seas. Spears, headrests, ornaments, various kinds of receptacles, and other utilitarian objects of wood, shell, bark, turtle shell, and other materials will be on hand, presenting a rare array of unparalleled purity of line and form. A richly illustrated catalog will accompany the event.

Enduring Beauty

Expired: Enduring Beauty

Orlando Museum of Art - OMA
From Mar 22 2018 to Jul 08 2018

Unlike the Tequesta, or even their ancestors the Creeks, the Florida Seminoles are not a particularly ancient people, having emerged from various Native American groups who migrated south to the Everglades about 200 years ago. Like South Florida itself, they are a blend with multicultural ancestry. The Seminoles developed their unique culture in the extreme environment of the River of Grass and remained strongly independent. They are the only Native American tribe never to have signed a treaty with the United States Government. "Enduring Beauty: Seminole Art and Culture" will present traditional articles of adornment and domestic crafts produced by Seminoles from the early nineteenth century to the mid twentieth century, highlighted by historic paintings, prints, and photographs that document individuals, families, and the Seminole way of life over the past two centuries. Drawing from the collection of I. S. K. Reeves V and Sara W. Reeves, the exhibition features embroidered and beaded bandolier bags, moccasins, sashes, and leggings; men’s shirts and jackets and women’s skirts and capes, all with traditional appliqué, embroidery, and patchwork motifs; beaded necklaces; baskets; and costumed dolls. More info on:


Expired: LACMA

Los Angeles County Museum of Art - LACMA
From Apr 12 2018 to Jul 09 2018

In ancient Mesoamerica, people transformed their bodies to express a range of roles in society and to gain access to metaphysical powers. Bodily conversions were achieved gradually over the course of a lifetime or rapidly by modifying specific body parts, as well as by wearing prestigious objects. As outward expressions of links between the physical world and other dimensions, altered bodies often reflected, and even cultivated, relationships with other people, animals, and supernatural beings. Ancient Bodies: Transformation, Personhood, and Power in Mesoamerica at Los Angeles County Museum of Art until July 9, 2018, looks at figural sculptures from the museum’s collection to present several facets of transformation in ancient Mesoamerica. Highlighting the cycles of life, standards of beauty, war and sport, and funerary rites, the installation demonstrates differing scales of transformation, how it was manifested through relationships with time and with other beings, and how it was embodied in objects that defined status and demonstrated power. Also on view at LACMA is a new short-term installation of Oceanic textiles in the Pacifi c galleries. The vast majority of these are tapa (kapa in the Hawaiian Islands), a material generally made from pounding the inner bark of the paper mulberry tree, although other trees such as breadfruit, banyan, wild fig, hibiscus, and banana are also used. The range of painted designs on the resulting sheets are characteristic of various Pacific regions and may be stenciled, stamped, hand-painted, or dyed. The fi nished pieces often served as objects of prestige, exchange, and artistic virtuosity. Large rolls of tapa were made for gift presentations or dressing individuals at significant ceremonies such as investitures or weddings. The installation includes signifi cant historic works such as a Hawaiian kapa collected in 1778 by JohnWebber, the artist accompanying Captain James Cook on his third and fi nal voyage. The textiles are installed alongside the museum’s remarkable collection of important Pacific sculptures, many of which are internationally known from the former Masco collection.

Tribal Art Fair in Sydney

Expired: Tribal Art Fair in Sydney

Jul 21 2018

The next Tribal Art fair Sydney (TAFS) wild be held at Heritage venue, The National Art School, in Sydney on 21 July 2018. Masks, carvings, jewellery, textiles, weapons, artefacts, books and prints from Papua New Guinea, the Pacific, Australia and South East Asia will be on sale. The Oceanic Art Society was founded in Sydney in 1996 to "Further the understanding and appreciation of Oceanic art". It has an expert and distinguished worldwide membership, including many prominent curators, collectors, academics and dealers. The ninth Forum in Sydney will be held from 1 to 3 February 2019 at the Gallery of NSW and at the Australian Museum. Dr Maia Nuku, from the Metropolitan Museum in New York will be keynote speaker. More information are available on the following website :

Spider Woman was here

Expired: Spider Woman was here

Philbrook Museum of Art
From Mar 17 2018 to Jul 22 2018

The Diné (as Navajo people refer to themselves) tell a traditional story about a powerful cultural heroine known as “Spider Woman” who taught women the art of weaving long ago. A special exhibition at the Philbrook Museum explores Spider Woman’s gift through a variety of Diné weavings from the museum’s collection. In a diverse range of styles, which vary from community to community and artist to artist, weavers give physical form to the principle of hozhó with an array of colors, patterns, and designs. The common thread, though, is the care and precision seen in the fine yarn, the tight weave, and the balance of the design. Spider Woman Was Here: Diné Weavings from the Philbrook Collection is on view until July 22, 2018. Also at the Philbrook is an exhibition with the theme of the butterfl y. An important symbol across cultures, butterfl ies can represent beauty, transience, rebirth, and the soul. They also play a crucial role in the natural world, carrying pollen from one plant to another. Objects from around the world, ranging from nature studies to Native American baskets, provide a cross-cultural perspective in Flutter: Butterflies from the Philbrook Collection, on view until July 14, 2018.

Senoufo - Eric Hertault

Expired: Senoufo - Eric Hertault

From Jun 13 2018 to Jul 28 2018

The Eric Hertault Gallery on rue Visconti in Paris, presents an exceptional exhibition entitled "Senoufo, a culture, an art" from June 13th. It will be an opportunity to discover or rediscover the beauty of Senoufo sculpture, through some very beautiful examples, dark, sober and stylized forms which include female standing statues alternating with masks and other, more complex iconographies. The faces with prominent, almost simian angles, the silhouettes that are clearly hewn with only an adze and yet remain uniquely elegant and sensitive, vary in a subtle panoply of dark tones that allows their contrasts and sensuality to shine even more. Of special note, a very beautiful and rare Kpélié mask with double faces, is especially striking — you can admire this and other artworks in the online catalog: Opening on Tuesday, June 12, from 6 pm.