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Best Of: A Look at a Collection at MEB

Expired: Best Of: A Look at a Collection at MEB

From Sep 14 2016 to Jun 01 2018

The Musée d’Ethnographie de l’Université de Bordeaux is presenting a selection of archives and works from its international collection. Through June 1, 2018, various objects from the world over shed light on the history and expeditions of this century-old institution, the second ethnographic museum, after the Trocadéro, to have opened in France. Moving through the decades, the installation starts with the museum’s founders and collaborators, and it casts light on the importance of its ethnographic collections. More information on:

Jewelry ... Among Other Things

Expired: Jewelry ... Among Other Things

From Dec 13 2017 to Jun 03 2018

"Sieraden: makers en dragers" ("Jewelry: Made By, Worn By") is an homage to jewelry makers and presents more than a thousand objects from around the world. It explores manufacturing techniques as well as the history of each piece, whether ornaments made of gold, silver, and precious stones or of glass, shells, and seeds. All are the finest examples of their type from Holland’s four most important ethnographic museums. Part of the exhibition is devoted to contemporary creations inspired by ancestral traditions. The show will be held at the Volkenkunde Museum in Leiden and will be on view from December 13, 2017, until June 3, 2018. For more info please visit:

Native American Art Sale

Expired: Native American Art Sale

From May 04 2018 to Jun 04 2018

On June 4, 2018, Bonhams will hold its sale of Native American art. Traditionally held in San Francisco, henceforth this sale is shifting its venue to Los Angeles. It will feature art and artifacts from the native peoples of the Plains, the Woodlands, the Southwest, California, and the Northwest Coast and Arctic. One highlight will be a Haida argillite “ship’s type” panel pipe dating to the mid nineteenth century.

Jeudi des Beaux-Arts

Expired: Jeudi des Beaux-Arts

The monthly Jeudi des Beaux-Arts (Fine Arts Thursday), sponsored by the resident galleries along the famed rue des Beaux-Arts in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood, will take place on June 7 and will feature the opening of a number of thematic exhibitions showcasing a variety of high-quality artworks. Galerie Meyer will juxtapose pieces from its inventory with works from Patrick Varnier’s Têtes Grotesques (Grotesque Heads) series. Galerie Flak also will inaugurate an exhibition titled Poupées kachina des indiens hopi d’Arizona (Kachina Dolls of the Hopi Indians of Arizona) for the occasion. It will present a corpus of examples drawn mainly from a single New York collection assembled in the 1960s. This show will be yet another manifestation of the Flak family’s enduring passion for these figures of spirits and deities from the Hopi pantheon, which contains nearly 450 different entities. They appeared at masked ceremonies as transmitters of knowledge and guarantors of the perpetuation of the ancestral traditions and beliefs of this Arizona Indian tribe.


Expired: CULTURES - BRUNEAF 2018

From Jun 06 2018 to Jun 10 2018

The Sablon neighborhood will once again be the epicenter of the tribal art market from June 6 until June 10 with the third annual Cultures art fair, the notto-be-missed event born of the synergy of three fairs devoted to antiquities and non-European art: BAAF (antiquities), AAB (Asian art), and BRUNEAF (tribal art). As we go to press, sixty established galleries from Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United States have confirmed that they will be participating. In keeping with the fair’s tradition of striving to complement the aesthetic experience with an intellectual one, several thematic exhibitions will be presented. One of them, organized by Galerie Didier Claes, will focus on Central African harps, the beautiful forms of which have been appreciated in Europe since the colonial period. Bela Sara, a painter originally from Chad who has lived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since the 1940s, will be honored at Galerie Ambre Congo, which will stage a solo exhibition of his work titled Bela, le rythme au bout des doigts (Bela, the Rhythm at the Tips of His Fingers). In the realm of Asian art, Farah Massart of Famarte will present a thematic exhibition devoted to mandalas, essential instruments in the Tantric rituals designed to help people in their quest for truth.

African & Oceanic Art Auction at Sotheby

Expired: African & Oceanic Art Auction at Sotheby's

From Jun 09 2018 to Jun 13 2018

Sotheby's Paris is preparing a new African and Oceanic Art Auction on June 13. Among the highlights of the African objects are an extremely rare eight-headed sculpture from the Lega of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a fine Grebo mask from Côte d’Ivoire drawn from a Swedish private collection, and the Fang head from Gabon from the René Gaffé Collection that has not been seen on the market since 2001. Majestic by virtue of its scale and its powerful volumes, this work was included in the Galerie Durand- Ruel show in New York in 1933, prior to being shown at the legendary African Negro Art exhibition at MoMA two years later. A rare group of Congo ivories is also worthy of special mention and is made up of four hitherto unknown pendants with various origins (Hungaan, Pende), a particularly beautiful Lega mask, and an object of a type never seen before a bowl with ornamental decoration that suggests its origin is the Kuba Kingdom. Nearly half of the lots offered will be from the islands of Oceania. They include a sumptuous Hawaiian god stick, the Tabar head that appeared on the cover of Jacques Kerchache’s 1971 Iles Tabar, and a monumental Sepik River ancestor figure, formerly the property of Julius Carlebach and more recently in the Allan Stone Collection. Rounding out the South Seas offerings are a group of particularly refined Sepik River sculptures from the Van Oosterom Collection, which are all the more attractive for their very reasonable estimates—all under 5,000 euros. Preview as from June 9.

Birds in African Art

Expired: Birds in African Art

Baltimore Museum of Art
From Dec 20 2017 to Jun 17 2018

The Baltimore Museum of Art is presenting a new exhibition that illustrates the honored place held by birds within numerous African cultures. Inspired by the recent acquisition of a rare Pende gitenga mask of the early to mid twentieth century, Beyond Flight: Birds in African Art considers the role of birds within initiation, healing, and harvest rituals; within home décor and security; and within hunting practices. Long considered wondrous beings that transcend known worlds, birds have enjoyed a strong and steady presence in African life for centuries. Included are works that cite birds by material or motif made in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Nigeria. This exhibition was co-curated by former Associate Curator of African Art Shannen Hill and Interim Associate Curator of African Art Kevin Tervala and can be seen until June 17, 2018.

African and Oceanic Art Auction at Dorotheum

Expired: African and Oceanic Art Auction at Dorotheum

From Jun 16 2018 to Jun 21 2018

VIENNA—Dorotheum will inaugurate its summer season with a tribal art auction on June 21, 2018. Three African masks —one Lega from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, another Toma from Liberia, and a third Yoruba from Nigeria—as rich in their surfaces as they are different in their sculptural characteristics, will be among the works offered. All three belonged to Carlo Monzino, the Italian businessman and great aesthete who assembled a deservedly well-known art collection that included not only works of contemporary art but a wide range of masks and figures from the African continent. Potential buyers wanting to see the lots prior to the sale are invited to preview them beginning on June 16.

The Andrault Collection at De Baecque & Associés

Expired: The Andrault Collection at De Baecque & Associés

From Jun 25 2018 to Jun 26 2018

Auctioneers De Baecque et Associés will offer the collection of Michel and Catherine Andrault at the Hôtel Drouot on June 25 and 26, 2018. This artist couple— he an architect and sculptor, she a ceramicist and watercolorist—assembled a huge collection of tribal art over the course of fifty years. It evolved as a function of their many travels around the world together. Collectors who attend this sale will find a wide variety of objects as well as of provenances, all of which attest to the couple’s limitless curiosity and their unique aesthetic sensibility.

Ethnographic Art Auction in Dallas

Expired: Ethnographic Art Auction in Dallas

Jun 26 2018

A book with thirty-three drawings by Kiowa artist Etahdleuh Doanmoe (Hunting Boy) and an assortment of Olmec artworks are among the highlights in Heritage’s Ethnographic Art Auction, to be held in Dallas on June 26, 2018. The auction, which will include about 700 lots, will feature a wide variety of pottery, baskets, weavings, beadwork, paintings, and sculpture. The Hunting Boy Ledger features colorful depictions of the artist’s life experiences ranging from hunting scenes to battle scenes and other recollections of Etahdleuh’s life as a free man, intermixed with views of life at Fort Marion, where he was incarcerated for three years. The book has been held privately for the last 142 years. The auction also includes an array of Olmec jade lots, including a jade maskette, a necklace with large beads, a seated jade fi gure, a jade scepter, and three belt plaques. A Blackfoot painted muslin inscribed “History of the Deeds of ‘Big Spring’” and a pair of standing Dan figures from Côte d’Ivoire are among other highlights.