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Creatures of the Earth, Sea, and Sky

Expired: Creatures of the Earth, Sea, and Sky

Los Angeles County Museum of Art - LACMA
From Jul 30 2017 to Apr 15 2018

Here is a rare opportunity to see a selection of extraordinary painted ceramics from the LACMA’s permanent collection, supported with loans from Drs. Alan Grinnell and Feelie Lee! "Creatures of the Earth, Sea, and Sky: Painting the Panamanian Cosmos" focuses on depictions of animals, real and mythical, which inhabit the different levels of the cosmos—the sea, earth, and sky. Artists disassembled legible images and merged them into hybrid combinations that are so abstract that identification is frequently impossible—and probably unnecessary. The Panamanian aesthetic deemed naturalism as being far less important than the significance of unifying diverse cosmological beings into a multilayered image that captured a snapshot of the cosmos as experienced in shamanic vision quests. The dizzying slip painting that covers every inch of these ceramic vessels with swirling patterns in strong and distinctive colors is unique to ancient Panama.


Expired: NAZCA. PERU.

Rietberg Museum
From Nov 24 2017 to Apr 15 2018

Since it was discovered at the beginning of the twentieth century, the Nazca civilisation has fascinated the world. Its geoglyphs, aqueducts, textiles, and elaborate polychrome ceramics have riveted the attention of archaeologists. "Nazca. Peru" traces the history of this pre-Inca people of southern Peru and reveals their way of life and the challenges of survival in the region, as well as the techniques they used to create their art, the rituals of their funerary rites, and their mythology. The 300 objects on display include a group of five hitherto unseen textiles discovered by archaeologist Giuseppe Orefici at Cahuachi, a major Nazca ceremonial center. Not surprisingly, part of the exhibition is devoted to the astonishing geoglyphs of Palpa and Nazca. The exhibition concludes with an examination of the work of artist Elena Izcue, revealing the influences that Pre-Colombian textiles have had on modern art and ceramics.

Another India, Explorations and Expressions of Indigenous South Asia

Expired: Another India, Explorations and Expressions of Indigenous South Asia

Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology of Cambridge
From Mar 08 2017 to Apr 22 2018

Over one hundred artefacts, paintings and photographs from the collections of MAA, many of which have never been exhibited before, will be complemented by artworks by contemporary artists from the communities represented, commissioned with support from the Art Fund. Focusing on communities known variously as Indigenous, ‘Tribal’ or Adivasi (literally ‘original inhabitants), the exhibition will showcase extraordinary and fascinating objects, many of which tell equally intriguing stories. From the Nagas and other peoples in the hills of Northeast India to the Gonds, Todas and Chenchus of the South and the Santhals and Bhils in the East and West of the country, the displays will present strikingly diverse stories of India, collecting, colonialism and British involvement in the subcontinent.

Oceania: Voyages through the Immensity

Expired: Oceania: Voyages through the Immensity

Musée du cinquantenaire
From Oct 26 2017 to Apr 29 2018

Take a plunge into the unknown with a voyage to Oceania on the far side of the world! This exhibition will take you along the routes traveled by the first inhabitants of this fascinating region, and then on those blazed by European explorers in the eighteenth century by presenting the Oceanic collections of the Musées Royaux d’Art et d’Histoire and of the Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale. The show consists of more than 200 objects from every corner of Oceania, supplimented by old maps, model ships, and archival documents. It also examines the stone and wood works of Tahitian artist-sculptor Jean-Paul Forest, a master of “land art,” that is, artworks in natural environments. His creations call into question human relationships with the physical world. "Oceania—Voyages dans l’immensité" is the brainchild of Belgian archaeologist Nicolas Cauwe, who is widely known for the digs and research he has done on Easter Island, as well as for his book "Île de Pâques, le grand tabou: dix années de fouilles reconstruisent son histoire".
Tribal Art magazine is a partner of the exhibition.

American Indian & Ethnographic Art Auction @ Skinner

Expired: American Indian & Ethnographic Art Auction @ Skinner

May 05 2018

The New England–based auction house Skinner has been offering art and antiques since the 1960s. Its American Indian and Ethnographic art department is about to enter a new phase with the retirement of long-time expert Douglas Deihl and the entry into the department of notable private dealer Michael Evans. A familiar face from Parcours and any number of other shows, Evans’ areas of expertise emphasize Oceanic art and ethnographic photography, though he is also a comfortable generalist. Skinner’s first sale under Evans will be held on May 5, 2018. It will feature material from the estate of famed Chicago-based photographer Arnold Crane, who passed away in 2014. His collection emphasized African sculpture and metalwork, including bronzes and weapons. Another highlight will be a significant collection of Asante goldweights from an old collection in New Jersey. Many of these were purchased from J. J. Klejman in the 1960s.

AFRICA, Artists of Yesterday and Today

Expired: AFRICA, Artists of Yesterday and Today

Musée Dapper
From Jan 21 2018 to May 06 2018

After the closure of its public museum in Paris last June, the Dapper Foundation is opening on January 21, 2018 "Afriques, Artistes d’hier et d’aujourd’hui" ("Africa - Artists of Yesterday and Today") in Martinique, working in partnership with the Clément Foundation. The exhibition features nearly 100 major pieces from the Dapper collection. A Punu mask from Gabon, a Dogon figure from Mali, a Yoruba dance staff from Nigeria—these and other works have been carefully selected for the strength with which they represent the artistry of the great cultures of sub-Saharan Africa. These objects had tremendous influence on the evolution of European art at the beginning of the twentieth century, particularly on the works of Matisse and Picasso. More importantly, they represent the history of peoples, as well as their rites, their beliefs, and their worldviews. Part of the exhibition is devoted to contemporary African art and features works by seventeen living artists. While their approaches and techniques vary, including sculptures, collages, paintings, and photographs, among other things, these artists all face the same challenge of creating new forms of reflection and engagement. Slavery, colonization, identity, and war are some of the subjects they focus their attention on. This first partnership of the Dapper outside of Europe reflects the extraordinary creativity and dynamism of African art of both yesterday and today.

Donald Ellis @ Frieze New York

Expired: Donald Ellis @ Frieze New York

From May 03 2018 to May 08 2018

Donald Ellis gallery participates for the second time at Frieze New York to be held in Randall's Park, NY, from May 3-6 with VIP previews on May 2nd and May 3rd. This year the gallery will present major historical works on paper realized by various groups of Native American artists ranging from Navajo Memory Aid drawings from the American Southwest, Plains Indian Ledger Drawings from the late 19th and the early 20th century to drawings by some of the most remarkable Inuit artists of the 20th century. Beyond their captivating aesthetic qualities, Navajo Memory Aid paintings and drawings had a more pragmatic and rather crucial purpose as well. They originated as a means of memorizing the multitude of patterns and motifs a Navajo medicine man had to learn in order to perform healing ceremonies and rituals that revolved around sand paintings.


Expired: Hawaii

Linden Museum
From Oct 14 2017 to May 13 2018

In this show, the Linden Museum will focus on the culture and history of Hawaii’s first inhabitants. The exhibition examines nearly 250 years of Hawaiian art, from the time of the arrival of the first Europeans to the modern day. Two hundred art objects have been brought together for the occasion, coming from the collection of the Linden Museum and from those of other German and European museums. Together they provide a solid overview of the ancestral skills, artistic procedures, and the political and religious aspects of indigenous Hawaiian society. The show explores the connections that continue today as part of Hawaiian cultural life deriving from certain important forms of aesthetic expression rooted in the past, such as dance (hula) and tattooing (kakau). It closes with a presentation of the work of six contemporary indigenous artists.

MATA 2018

Expired: MATA 2018

From May 11 2018 to May 13 2018

The annual Madison Ancient & Tribal Art show will be held again this year from May 11–13, 2018, at the historic beaux-arts Arader Galleries townhouse at 1016 Madison Avenue. At this time, the exhibitor list is still being developed, but those who have committed to participate include event organizer James Stephenson, who will bring a selection of fine African art, including a fine Kongo figure formerly in the collection of Herbert Baker. Also presenting classical African art will be Alain Naoum of Brussels. Private dealer Mark Eglinton from Hudson, New York, mixes iconic African art forms with fascinating works from other world cultures. In addition to African sculptures from the Hemba, Akan, and Mumuye, Galerie Flak of Paris will present a group of Korewori figures from Papua New Guinea, as well as highlights from their upcoming show of kachina dolls.

The Shape of Beauty: Sale of art from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas

Expired: The Shape of Beauty: Sale of art from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas

On May 14, 2018, Sotheby’s will hold its spring sales of art from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas in its New York headquarters. Leading these will be a single-owner sale featuring an instalment of the outstanding collection of Howard and Saretta Barnet, which has been the subject of a number of specialized auctions. These have spanned contemporary art, classical paintings, drawings, and prints, all of which were tied together within the collection by an unusually coherent sense of harmony and aesthetic consistency, in which each object was in dialog with one another. The May 14 sale will offer around forty lots from their collection of African, Oceanic, Pre-Columbian, and American Indian art, as well as Classical and Near Eastern antiquities, all of them consistent for their beauty and significance. Highlights will include a Fang-Mvai reliquary guardian figure attributed to the Master of Ntem, an Okvik ivory figure, and a renowned Olmec jade mask fragment, converted into a celt in antiquity. A various-owner sale of art from Africa, Oceania, and the Americas will follow. The Americas component will feature both American Indian and Pre-Columbian art. It will include previously unoffered material from the Edwin and Cherie Silver Collection, as well as important works from European and American collections.