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The Māori Portraits: Gottfried Lindauer

Expired: The Māori Portraits: Gottfried Lindauer's New Zealand

From Sep 09 2017 to Apr 01 2018

This exhibition features for the first time in the United States over 30 Gottfried Lindauer’s portraits of the Māori. A key cultural figure in New Zealand, Lindauer was one of the country’s most pioneering and prolific painters. His historical portraits of Māori leaders, community elders, warriors and politicians painted between 1874 and 1903 capture the fascinating personal stories of his subjects as well as the complex intercultural exchanges occurring at the time of colonisation.
This exhibition also explores how a Czech painter, trained in the European style of 19th century portraiture became the most celebrated portraitist of Māori in New Zealand. The Māori see these paintings as ‘living connections to the past’. The remarkable life stories of their ancestors are remembered and shared by their descendants today through these paintings.
Photo: Gottfried Lindauer, "Pare Watene," 1878. Oil on canvas. Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki, Gift of Mr H E Partridge, 1915

Peru Before the Incas

Expired: Peru Before the Incas

From Nov 14 2017 to Apr 01 2018

This exhibition features nearly 293 archaeological objects, most of which were unearthed in the course of the important excavation projects that have taken place on the northern coast of Peru since 1987 until today. It spans the time from the 8th century BC to approximately AD 1470, the time of the arrival of the Inca on the northern coast of Peru and of the conquest of the kingdom of Chimor. This time span of more than 2,000 years saw the rise of many civilizations, including the Cupisnique, Salinar and Virú, Moche, Lambayeque, and Chimú. The exhibition focuses primarily on the ways in which the complex societies of the north coast were formed, an examination that is framed as a reflection upon power. This approach casts light on how the Inca were the product of the social development prior to Spanish colonization. The installation is divided into five sections: 1) the role played by geography; 2) celestial power; 3) power expressed through architecture; 4) terrestrial power; and 5) high-ranking and powerful women in coastal societies over the course of more than a millennium.

Swish: Carved Belts & Fibre Skirts of Papua New Guinea

Expired: Swish: Carved Belts & Fibre Skirts of Papua New Guinea

Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology of Cambridge
From Sep 26 2017 to Apr 02 2018

This exhibition titled "Swish: Carved Belts & Fibre Skirts of Papua New Guinea" focuses in part on the sculpted belts and fiber skirts of the inhabitants of the southeastern coast of Papua New Guinea. Traditionally worn by men and boys, these belts are no longer part of everyday life. They are made of bark, and the decorations that were often incised in them indicated the social status of the wearer. Conversely, skirts were reserved for use by women and girls. Unlike the male belts, they are still worn for dancing at ceremonies, which mark special occasions such as the arrival of an important person, the reception of a dignitary in the country, or even an important international sporting event. The manner in which they are manufactured has changed over time. For example, plastic has replaced palm and pandanus leaves. The exhibition demonstrates how these new ways are not a loss of authenticity, but rather are an evolution in the continuation of an ancestral tradition.

Living with gods

Expired: Living with gods

British Museum
From Nov 02 2017 to Apr 08 2018

"Living with Gods: Peoples, Places, and Worlds Beyond" explores religious practice and expression in the lives of individuals and communities through time and space. The installation examines the risks and benefits of these behaviors in terms of coexistence and conflicts within and between societies, placing special emphasis on the cases of seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Japan, China and the Soviet Union, and modern Europe. It analyzes the mystical and sociological aspects of religious beliefs as well as the neurological and psychological implications they may have. Objects that illustrate a panoply of spiritual practices are displayed, ranging from a Pende mask from the Congo used to keep women and the curious away from young men’s initiation ceremonies to a memento mori pendant from the end of the late Middle Ages intended to remind men of character of the ephemeral nature of material riches.

PAD Paris 2018

Expired: PAD Paris 2018

From Apr 04 2018 to Apr 08 2018

Art and design enthusiasts always impatiently await the PAD Paris show, and this year it will be held at the Jardin des Tuileries April 4–8, 2018. Tribal art will be represented by two dynamic galleries known for their ongoing promotion of the aesthetic qualities of the arts of Africa and Oceania. The first is Galerie Flak, which will present a thematic exhibition on suspension hooks and figures of the Sepik River region of Papua New Guinea. Special emphasis will be on works from the Korewori River region, the graphic forms and pure lines of which are likely to catch the eye of PAD visitors. Galerie Lucas Ratton has also announced its participation, following the show at the London PAD event in October and then at the first Geneva PAD February 1–4. He will present a selection of works intended to appeal to a wide range of interests.
Photo: Charms, yipwon. Yimam, Korewori, Middle Sepik, PNG. © Galerie Flak. Photo: D. Voirin. To be offered at PAD Paris, April 4–8, 2018.

The Prigogine Collection @ Christies

Expired: The Prigogine Collection @ Christies

Apr 09 2018

This sale featuring ancient American art will be held in Paris on April 9, 2018, and will feature nearly 150 pieces from the prestigious collection assembled by Ilya Prigogine (1917, Moscow–2003, Paris), winner of the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1997, and his wife, Maryna. They had a particular interest in Mezcala and Chontal works from the Guerrero region, as well as in Olmec art, and put together a collection that is unique in many respects and may rightly be characterized as an ode to stonework.
Preview of the artworks at Boulevard Waterloo 33 1000 Bruxelles this Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd of March.

African and Oceanic Art Auction @ Christies

Expired: African and Oceanic Art Auction @ Christies

Apr 10 2018

Christie’s various owners sale in Paris will feature artworks from Africa and Oceania, complemented by additional objects from the Pre-Columbian Americas. A highlight here will be a superb Fang reliquary guardian figure that was formerly the property of Paul Guillaume and was included in Galerie Durand-Ruel’s landmark 1933 exhibition, which was recently the subject of an homage show by Bernard de Grunne and Almine Rech. Objects from two other particularly fine collections will be on hand as well. The first is that of Belgian artist Guy Berbé, an aficionado of the arts of the DR Congo who developed a particularly keen eye for Mangbetu and Kongo works, as the selection of twenty works on offer at Christie’s clearly shows. The second is that of Hans Sonnenberg, well-known collector of both contemporary and tribal art, most notably of New Ireland art. This promises to be yet another vividly successful sale.

The Prigogine Collection - Part II @ Art Richelieu - Castor Hara - Deburaux

Expired: The Prigogine Collection - Part II @ Art Richelieu - Castor Hara - Deburaux

Apr 11 2018

Ilya Prigogine, Belgian physicist, chemist and philosopher of Russian origin, received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1977 for his work on "dissipative structures". Ilya Prigogine and Maryna, his wife, have collected a very large collection of pre-Colombian art from Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and the Greater Antilles. The first part of this remarkable collection will be dispersed by Christie's on Monday, April 9, while the second part of the vacation organized by Art Richelieu - Castor Hara - Debureaux will be dispersed on Wednesday, April 11 at the Hotel Drouot. The sale is divided into three parts: Asian art with Jômon ceramics from Japan, art from Africa and finally the pre-Columbian art. The objects of this second sale will be exhibited from Tuesday, April 10 at the Hotel Drouot. A catalog and photos are visible on the website

Paris Tribal 2018

Expired: Paris Tribal 2018

From Apr 11 2018 to Apr 14 2018

The fifth annual Paris Tribal show will be held from April 11–14, 2018. The fruit of a collaborative effort by a number of dealers in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area, this show will again energize the neighborhood that is well known as the capital of the tribal art market. Thematic exhibitions and selections of artworks will be presented by some thirty participants. As in years past, nearly half of the resident galleries will host dealers from other parts of France or from abroad, providing an international dimension to the event that enhances its appeal. The “guest list” is made up of names well known to all collectors of tribal art and includes David Serra of Barcelona, Bruce Frank of New York, Joaquin Pecci of Brussels, Michel Thieme of Amsterdam, Adrian Schlag of Brussels, Guilhem Montagut of Barcelona, Laurent Dodier of Le Val-Saint-Père, and Bruno Frey of Arnay-le-Duc.

Beads: A Universe of Meaning

Expired: Beads: A Universe of Meaning

Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian
From May 14 2017 to Apr 15 2018

The exhibition traces the history of imported glass beads as a medium of exchange, artistic expression, and identity for indigenous peoples throughout North America. It features garments, articles of adornment, and works of art dating from circa 1850 to the present, and it examines the ways in which makers of beadwork have simultaneously sustained tradition, engaged with popular culture, and developed a uniquely native art form.